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A recent incident captured on camera at Sahar Darwaja in Surat has stirred conversations about road safety after a motorcyclist narrowly avoided a collision with a roadside divider. Shared on Instagram by store4riders, the video has prompted discussions about responsible riding and adherence to traffic rules.

The video depicts a motorcyclist navigating a sharp curve and colliding with a roadside divider. Despite the dramatic nature of the incident, the rider emerges unharmed, underscoring the potential consequences of reckless riding.

The footage gained widespread attention on social media platforms, eliciting a range of reactions from viewers. While some were astonished by the rider’s fortunate escape, others expressed concern about the risks associated with imprudent riding. The incident quickly became a focal point for discussions on helmet safety, adherence to traffic rules, and responsible riding.

store4riders, the Instagram account that shared the video, utilized the opportunity to advocate for responsible riding practices. The accompanying post included practical safety reminders, urging riders to consistently wear helmets, adhere to traffic rules, exercise caution on curves, and opt for open zones for riding.

Key Safety Points to keep in Mind while riding Bike

1. Helmet Safety:Stressing the non-negotiable importance of wearing helmets for rider safety.

2. Traffic Rules Adherence: Encouraging riders to follow traffic rules diligently to prevent accidents.

3. Caution on Curvy Roads: Highlighting the necessity for reduced speed and heightened caution on winding roads.

4. Open Zone Riding: Advocating for choosing open zones for riding to minimize collision risks.

5. Viral Video Impact: Examining the impact of the incident’s viral nature in sparking discussions on rider safety.


The Sahar Darwaja incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of reckless riding, even for experienced motorcyclists. As the video circulates, it prompts a broader conversation on motorcycle safety. Riders are urged to learn from the incident and prioritize safety measures for their well-being and the well-being of others on the road. The incident’s viral nature underscores the role of social media in shaping public discourse on crucial issues such as road safety.

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