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Landrover Range rover Evoque: The Range Rover Evoque is not a new vehicle. In fact, India is looking forward to the arrival of the 2020 model Evoque, which has already hit the international market. In such a situation, the Land Rover Range rover Evoque’s Landmark Edition is sending me an even more variant. Are there any other innovations in this vehicle other than the Ingenium diesel engine that came in 2017? Does it still make sense to pay Rs 54 lakh to own this vehicle? Lets check it

Design: Landrover Range rover Evoque

The Landmark Edition is a slightly more beautiful variant by default. Available in six colors, the most beautiful is maroon blue. This is exactly what I chose for the test drive. The car also has a Carpathian Gray gray roof that creates a beautiful contrast. The Evoque Landmark Edition has a beauty that amazes anyone at first glance.

There is no change in the basic form. The Landmark Edition has the same muscle and elegance as the old Evoque. Exterior modifications include a large 18-inch 5-spoke 5-style ‘Style 506’ alloy wheels with a glossy black finish and a graphite atlas trim that adorns the body. Even the Land Rover logo on the body and wheels has a black finish. The Landmark Edition features xenon headlamps with LED signature lighting. The body color is the same as the cladding on the body. The slender, solid-looking shape does not look like a 7-seater or crossover. In the meantime, Evoque finds his place somewhere. The black air intakes on the bonnet make the figure look very sporty.

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Interior: Landrover Range rover Evoque

The interior of the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is extremely sleek. There is a lot of use of perforated grain leather on the black-themed interior. It also has a dark satin-brushed aluminum finish to match. Leather seats with good support are as comfortable as they are comfortable. The Evoque’s cabin looks cramped due to the black color on the inside and the sloping roofline on the back. The large panoramic glass roof will reduce this to some extent but not completely block it. It feels more in the backseat.

The center console and dash are of a high standard. The fit and finish are commendable. British expertise in construction is reflected in every atom inside. The large 8-inch touch screen on the center console enables a range of vehicle controls along with infotainment. The rearview camera screen also has the same display with navigation features. Bluetooth connectivity and Land Rover’s Control Apps connectivity system are beautifully integrated in this system. Evoque also has a Wi-Fi hotspot based on the SIM card. The performance of the 8-speaker Land Rover sound system is outstanding. It excels in clarity and sound quality.

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Infotainment and other fetures

Although the layout and interface of this infotainment are simple and transparent, the touch response could have been improved a bit. Likewise today, the Evoque does not have the inevitable technologies of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Therefore, it cannot be said that smartphone connectivity is so easy or comfortable. Maybe these are all wounds inflicted overtime…

The design of the gear lever is similar to that of Jaguar cars. The center console has Terrain Response switches under the controls of the AC. The Landmark Edition does not have the option to select the colors of the ambient lighting inside.

The excellent grip steering has audio, cruise control, phone controls, and paddle shifters to enjoy the charm of manual driving. Tilt and telescopic adjustments of the steering need to be made manually. But the front seats have electric adjustments.

Not to mention the support for the rear seats. However, due to the sloping roofline of the vehicle and the black finish on the inside, it looks very narrow. In fact, the place is a bit cramped. There is no shortage of leg-knee-headrooms in the front seats. It’s just that if you want three people you can sit down without making a mistake. I’m still not sure how useful this site is for six-foot-tall people. Apart from the limitations of space, there are no other disadvantages behind it. The Evoque does not disappoint in terms of storage space and boot space.

Engine : Landrover range rover Evoque

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is powered by a 2.0-liter engine from the Ingenium range, popularly known as Jaguar cars. With 178 hp and 430 Nm of torque, it is ahead of the refinement levels. The turbo will operate at around 1800 rpm. This is followed by a significant jump up to 2500 rpm. But after 3000 rpm, the flow of torque seems to stop.

The transmission of the Evoque is a 9 speed automatic. The taste of manual shifting can be likened to having paddle shifters. In ‘Sport’ mode, the shift points are changed to significantly improve performance.

More about Engine and Performance

When compared to the new generation vehicles, this gearbox may seem a bit old. It does not have transient shifts. Even when running with paddle shifters, there is a slight lag (or lag) between shifts.

The steering of the Evoque should be noted. Its weight is very precisely adjusted. As an SUV, the Evoque’s handling is uncompromising as it is tight with speed.

There is also a lot to be said about the suspension. Travel at low speeds is indescribable. All sorts of roads feel like they are flowing. And this suspension will show the magic even when going off-road. The severity of the terrain is only slightly reduced to the inside. Land Rover has also been able to reduce body rolls to some extent when cornering.

Offroading Capabilities

The Evoque is probably one of the most off-road vehicles I have ever ridden. I have climbed the forest and the mountain many times over the years. In light of those experiences, the off-road capabilities of this kid in the Range Rover range are limitless!

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The shape of the vehicle itself is similar to that painted for offroads. The Evoque has uphill, ramp, and departure angles that allow it to cross any forest or mountain due to its narrow overhangs and a high stand. In addition, it has a number of features to make off-road travel effortless. ATPC, HDC, and Terrain Response are the main ones in the group.

Safety and Drive modes

All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) works like cruise control on offroad tracks. The ATPC Evoque enables you to run on any surface at pre-set speeds. At this point, the driver only needs to focus on the steering wheel. The vehicle will do the throttle, braking, and gear manually.

HDC or Hill Descent Control takes control of the vehicle as it descends. This system allows the vehicle to descend automatically at the speed set by the switches on the steering wheel. Again, the driver’s responsibility is limited to moving the steering wheel properly.

Terrain Response is a traction control system developed by Land Rover. It is a system that automatically adjusts its throttle response, gears, and braking according to the off-road surfaces through which the vehicle passes through a series of preset modes. It has four modes: Auto, Mud and Ruts, Sand, and Grass / Gravel / Snow.

Fuel Efficiency

Evoque customers buy it regardless of mileage. However, due to the unquenchable curiosity of my ‘poor man’, the Evoque’s 2.0-liter diesel engine gave a mileage of 12 km per liter.

Price: The Evoque starts at Rs 52 lakh in India. But the Landmark Edition we drove is priced at around Rs 54 lakh ex-showroom.

Why Evoque?

Aging is also evident in the Evoque Landmark Edition. But I still say that there is nothing wrong with owning one. Its features are irreplaceable style, road presence, superior ride comfort and off-road capabilities are awesome.

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