BMW X7 vs MERCEDES GLS, Is Mercedes-Benz better than BMW?

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The Mercedes Benz launched GL in the year 2006 and in 2017 it’s renamed GLS. There are n number of SUVs s whether in the market or expected to be launched soon which will clearly compete with Mercedes Benz GLS. In luxury and technology, BMW and Mercedes are always on top. Usually, German automakers compete or chase each segment irrespective of size and segment. But when it comes to BMW X7, the 7 seater SUV,  the German automaker took almost 13 years to bring it out. When we talk about BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS somehow they stack up in some aspects. Now that they are both out, but the question remains who has executed smart and better overall.

BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS – Price Matchup

BMW X7 and Mercedes Benz GLS, both are the kings of ultimate luxury. As we know it’s costly too. Let’s consider price as the primary thing when it comes to BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS. Now the equipment level used, technology, luxury, are used more than what you think about. Both of these cars having $15,000 of options over the base price, which is quite close to the fully loaded model.

BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS – Price India

On-road prices for BMW X7 & Mercedes GLS may vary from place to place.

Mercedes Benz GLS 450 4Matic – Rs 1.21 Crore (on-road Delhi)

BMW X7 Xdrive 40i – ₹ 1.14 Crore (on-road Delhi)

Mercedes Benz GLS 400d 4Matic – Rs 1.23 Crore (on-road Delhi)

BMW X7 Xdrive 30d DPE Signature – Rs 1.16 Crore (on-road Delhi)

BMW X7 Dark Edition – Rs 2.02 Crore (on-road Delhi

Exterior and Interior-

BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS; Allover design of these two immense SUVs is designed with sharp commitment. To be honest, both of these cars are not looking different from each other. The thing these both share together is the dimensions of over 200inches longer.

When it comes to the exterior both the BMW X7 Mercedes Benz GLS design gets different themes. BMW X7 looks bolder with a large aggressive face and Kidney grilles accented by slender LED lights.

While the Mercedes has chosen the classic design for the front radiator grille and full LED lights. When we look into Mercedes Benz GLS and BMW X7, GLS looks a bit more normal in design, and both of these SUVs gotten luxury design themes.

However, the BMW X7 still looks very sporty compared to GLS inside body lines and rear design. But overall, it’s definitely going to be subjective whether you prefer the more conservative and classy look or a bolder design, both of these SUV gets 21-inch alloys.

BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS- Safety Features

Expensive in price, high-quality brand you would expect premium as the top priority and both of these SUVs promise the quality and premium. Both of these cars are loaded with features like Height-adjustable air suspension, blind-spot monitoring.

for safety both provide all safety features that you expect and also provide the most advanced safety features available in the entire industry. In addition to usual forward emergency braking, Lane Keeping Assist, adaptive cruise control, and auto high beam headlights, both also come equipped with low-speed autonomous highway systems to take the stress off the driver which is pretty cool.

BMW X7 & Mercedes Benz GLS; Features

these SUVs are obviously having a smart entry system; Apart from this in the BMW, you would notice the optional display key too. The interiors are vastly different in both the SUVs just like the exterior.

On the Mercedes GLS, we have a clean design finished in black leather and accented by real grey Linden wood.

 BMW X7on the other hand has a much more colorful cabin featuring cognac veronica leather and high-gloss walnut wood trim, as the seats themselves both have more ways of adjustment than you expect.

In addition to this ventilation of seats and massaging option, beyond the seats, both interiors offer absolutely amazing material selections.

Premium Features

Both the SUVs have premium features like power adjusting heated and leather-wrapped steering wheels, complete with power shifters on the back and rain-sensing wipers controls. Both have wireless phone charging USB type-c ports and heated and cooled cupholders, 360-degree camera systems, both have a giant panoramic sunroof, power Sunshades, two more zones of climate, a Fully automated seat folding process, and much more premium features.

On the Mercedes GLS, the dashboard is completely covered with leather. And more use of the wood has been noticed, in addition to this, all the lowe areas and middle portions are also covered with premium leather.

When compare both immense SUVs “BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS” BMW X7  will get the edge of having a bit more luxurious touch of all glass controls.

Interior Digital Sysytem- BMW X7 & Mercedes Benz GLS;

Both the SUVs come with fully customizable digital systems. In fact, the MBUX system in the Mercedes GLS has the edge here being it allows you for a lot more customized ability in the interior. Somehow both Mercedes Benz GLS and BMWX7 are known for liking each other very closely, it looks like they follow the same template specifically with storage.

Now let’s see about the climate control system and the sound system used in these SUVs. Both sound systems sound fantastic and cool. When it comes to the climate controls both these SUVs get a physical knob for the purpose, in fact, BMW X7 gets very small in size buttons where Mercedes GLS scores a bit more in that.

BMW X7 vs Mercedes GLS- Engine

Both of these premium SUVs get a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. But there is a minor difference in the GLS that the Engine is connected with an electric motor to boost acceleration on low rpm. 335hp is the maximum output from BMWX7 and 362hp on Mercedes GLS.

BMW X7 vs. Mercedes GLS; picking a winner in these competitions is tough and it really depends on the buyer’s priorities we could say. However, we would like to suggest you take a test drive before you decide to buy anyone from these two will give a better idea for you.

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