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Mahindra Pickup price 2021: Mahindra is a leader in the manufacture of commercial vehicles as well as private vehicles. Including tractors and multi-capacity pickup trucks

Many commercial vehicles are being launched today. Pickup trucks are the mainstay of such vehicles. Pickups are more widely used today for transporting goods than mini trucks. Mahindra has a range of pickup models that vary in capacity and comfort. These range from the bolero-based maxi truck to the premium Imperio. They recently introduced a new star among their pickup trucks – the Bolero City Pickup! Let’s get acquainted with this vehicle with many features and let’s checkout Mahindra Pickup price 2021

City Pickup:

All vehicles, such as Mahindra’s Big Pickup, are commonly used for city-to-city trips. Due to their small size and unobtrusive appearance, they often cause minor headaches to their drivers in the ‘bumper to bumper traffic of cities. It is often difficult to graze them in the city. It is in this context that Mahindra has come up with the idea of ​​a city-friendly pickup and introduced the City Pickup.

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As the name suggests, the City pickup is based on the Bolero. At first glance, it looks like a bolero. From the front bumper to the B pillar is a sheer bolero. From headlamps to the grille to bonnet slides …

The true picture of the size of the vehicle is obtained from the sides. The cabin looks too small in front of the huge cargo bay. The 15-inch wheels have 215/75 tires.

The City Pickup is designed for city roads. This vehicle has many features that make it easy to navigate through lanes and heavy traffic. The most important of these is its turning radius. The turning radius is the distance a vehicle needs to turn 360 degrees. The city pickup only needs to turn around 6.25 meters. So the vehicle can be easily recalled in cities and on narrow roads. The company made this possible by cutting the length of the bonnet. The City pickup is much smaller than the standard Bolero’s bonnet.

More about design

During the design of the City Pickup, Mahindra also aimed to maximize profits for its customers with each trip. Therefore

They gave Bolero City a larger cargo bay than the previous models and the best wheelbase in the category. With a wheelbase of 3264 mm, the vehicle has a ‘giant’ cargo bay measuring 8.7 feet long and 5.6 feet wide. There is also a significant increase in total payload capacity. Vehicles like the Maxi Truck came with a capacity of 1.2 tons while the City Pickup had 1.4 tons!

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Interior – Inside of Mahindra Pickup

This vehicle has a decent and very practical interior. There is no such thing as a ‘stepmother’ attitude towards commercial vehicles, which is what manufacturers usually call commercial cabinets! The interior of the City Pickup is reminiscent of cars, though it does not claim any special beauty. The dashboard has a look similar to that seen on the Bolero. It is a mixture of brown and beige and is full of simplicity. The steering wheel of the City pickup is similar to that found in Mahindra’s commercial vehicles. The brown fabric seats are nicely cushioned.

Mahindra has given the car a larger co-driver seat to enhance practicality and comfort. It sticks to the driver’s seat so that the co-driver can sit comfortably and tilt the driver’s head if necessary. This is very helpful in races for commercial purposes. The Grab handle for the co-driver also highlights the bolero shade of the interior. Another feature provided for the convenience of the driver is the power steering. The cabin has no blowers or fans but has a 12-volt charging socket. It can be used to charge devices such as the driver’s mobile phone on non-stop trips. The quality of the plastics and other materials used is not bad. Many are relieved that the driver’s seat can be moved slightly back and forth.


The City pickup is powered by Mahindra’s proven 2.5 liters M2DI diesel engine. It meets BS4 standards and has 63 hp and 195 Nm of torque. The biggest feature of this engine is its tuning. This allows for maximum torque between 1400 rpm and 2200 rpm. That is to say, the smallest low-range-mid-range pickup can be expected. Therefore, driving in cities is extremely comfortable. The ratios of the 5-speed gearbox are also adjusted to suit city trips. So there is no need for frequent gear changes in the City pickup.

The suspension of the vehicle has also undergone significant changes to accommodate the increased payload capacity. The City Pickup is more efficient in terms of suspension than previous models like the Maxi truck released by Mahindra. The vehicle has an over-slung rear suspension with 8 leaves. The front has the same over-slung suspension but the number of leaves varies. 5 leaves in front. No matter how big the load, it will not be a problem when it comes to robust design and efficient suspension.

Mahindra pickup price 2021

City Pickup comes with a 3 year or 1 lakh km warranty for their customers. Beyond that, what more can a commercial vehicle manufacturer offer to their customers …


The City pickup is available as a ‘Completely Built Unit’ including Cargo Bay and as a CBC unit with chassis and cabin only. The ex-showroom price in Kochi is Rs 6.26 lakh.

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