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Price for Toyota Yaris: The much-awaited Toyota Yaris is the latest model to arrive in India.

The birthplace is also on the platform where senior horns like Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, and Maruti Suzuki are addressed.

Toyota recently gave us a few days to get to know the Yaris, which has come a long way in the highly competitive segment. Let’s check the design and other details before the price for Toyota Yaris

Design –

This is the third generation for the Yaris. This generation, which was first introduced in 2013, had some significant additions in 2017. Thus, the Yaris comes to India with a long list of facilities and technologies.

The Yaris is built on Toyota’s ‘B platform’, which is very popular in the global market. But in terms of length and wheelbase, it will not catch up with its rivals, including the City and the Ciaz. Yaris is doing well in terms of body weight. Only the Hyundai Verna can beat the Yaris which weighs 1120 kg!

Brief about Design –

There is no magic to be found in the design. It is a form that seems decent. The Yaris is the family face of Toyota. From the front, it looks like a ‘mini-corolla’.

Corolla fans may be familiar with the sloping front and large, side-mounted headlamps. The view is complete when combined with the fog lamps mounted on the steep housing and the giant air dam that looks like the front car is eating away. The relatively small front LED daytime running lamps may seem like an aftermarket fitting to many.

The vehicle feels a significant size on the side. The reasons may be the beltline that rises as you go backward and the shoulder line that picks up. The 15-inch wheels may seem a bit small on the side profile, which generally seems large.

The front is compact but does not look like the rear. Cleanly resolves the complaint that there are no design gimmicks behind the small boot lip spoiler and shark fin antenna.

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The interior, like the exterior, does not claim any design skills. The interior is decent with black and beige colors and a dashboard that the company calls ‘Waterfall Design’, which looks like it is flowing. The quality of the plastic used inside cannot be blamed. But one would certainly hope that these were soft-touch elements.
The major share of the beautifully arranged center console is taken up by the large touch screen infotainment system. This system has many features including navigation and a CD / DVD player.

The performance of the CD / DVD player on this system is multifaceted. When you press the switch that appears on the screen, the CD / DVD slot pops up across the screen like a robot, and the disk automatically reverts! This is the same system as the Corolla Altis that was launched a few years ago.

What about the Infotainment system

Another key feature of the Yaris infotainment unit is its gesture control system. This system allows you to adjust the volume by moving your hand in front of the player in a special way. Here’s just a small sedan with gesture control that was only available to giant sharks like BMW! Needless to say, you should not expect such accuracy here!

The only feature for smartphone connectivity is MirrorLink. Yaris has yet to get time-consuming features like Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
It was often difficult for this infotainment to have any physical controls or switches, including volume control. This was most disturbing when the screen was raised so that the CD / DVD bay was exposed. It is difficult for both the driver and the co-driver to undo the display and press the icon that appears on the screen. Also, I have an opinion that the touch response and graphics quality of the infotainment screen could have been improved a bit.

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More about Infotainment system and features

At the bottom of the infotainment screen is an area with a piano black finish with automatic climate controls. The air conditioning of the Yaris is multifaceted. This AC is capable of cooling the cabin very quickly, as well as the glasses, which only let in sunlight radiation.
The front seats are designed for good support. The driver’s seat has electric adjustments. The front armrest is slightly sloping back and forth. Also, it is not possible to adjust its position, so it often seems completely useless.

The design of the Yaris’ steering wheel is such that it sticks to the dash. It can be ’tilted’ but no telescopic adjustment or ‘reach adjustment’ is available. Therefore, it is often difficult to reconcile the position of the seat with the position of the steering wheel and the position of the handrest.

The rear seats have enough leg-knee rooms, but the headroom is minimal. So you have to see how comfortable the journey of the ‘high people’ sitting here will be. The Yaris has a roof-mounted AC blower and ambient lighting for the convenience of rear-seat passengers. Its vents can be adjusted manually.

But for two people in the back, get a comfortable ride. There is no ‘roaring transmission tunnel’ here that puts an ax to the passenger’s comfort in the middle, but the former armrest, which pushes back a little, fixes this ‘deficiency’ well!

Price for Toyota Yaris.
Price for Toyota Yaris.

The Yaris cabin has a lot of storage space. These range from the cup holders on the front of the gear lever and the weird-looking mobile phone holder near the handbrake to the bottle holder on the door pockets. There are a few 12-volt charging sockets inside, but none of these are USB sockets. The capacity of the 476-liter boot can be increased by folding the rear seats 60:40.

Engine and performance

The Yaris has the same 1499cc, 4-cylinder 2NR FE engine we saw in the Etios. But it comes down to the Yaris after a lot of disassembly and reassembly. Therefore, it delivers 107 hp at 6000 rpm and 140 Nm at 4200 pm.

It is far ahead in refinement. No significant noise. Sometimes we may even suspect that the vehicle is on.
The actual power is only available at around 3500 pm. Still, the torque flow is very linear. Therefore, it is a very city-friendly engine. Hard throttle inputs at small RPMs are not worth it here. You need to be well-revived and run when you need more torque, like overtaking. The maximum torque available is about 5800 rpm. But it’s not too late.

Transmission and Suspension

The Yaris has two gearboxes, a 6-speed manual, and a 7-speed CVT. Of these, I chose 7 CVTs. I had to live with the Yaris in the city of Bangalore, which is notorious for traffic, so I went after the CVT.

The biggest advantage of this gearbox is its smoothness. It’s as smooth as butter without the gearshifts knowing. It has all the characteristics of a CVT. Shifts generally occur in the range of 3500-4000 rpm. Early upshifts and late downshifts are also experienced here. But manual shifts using paddle shifters will come to the rescue whenever these cause inconvenience. But even in these, you may experience a slight lag.

The Yaris suspension is slightly stiffer. Moreover, even at small speeds, the steering wheel does not seem to light up. Therefore, the Yaris behaves very maturely at all speeds. Anyway, it looks like the steering could have gotten a little more feedback.

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The Yaris is multifaceted when it comes to breaking. In general, his brakes are a little more sensitive. They also provide excellent stopping power at any speed.

Travel comfort and Fuel efficiency

This category offers a comfortable ride. But Yaris is not the last word in this matter!

The Yaris is designed to match any competitor in terms of security. It has a sea of safety features such as ABS, EBD, 7 airbags, Hill Launch Assist, 4 wheel disc brakes, and ESP.

Price for Toyota Yaris

let’s see about the Price for Toyota Yaris

The price for Toyota Yaris starts at Rs 9.29 lakh. But for the CVT model, the X is around Rs 14.07 lakh. Showroom price! Perhaps this price is the main thing that keeps him away from people

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