Interior of Mahindra Thar

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Interior of Mahindra Thar


The famous Mahindra Thar SUV has been reborn with a fresh look and contemporary features. Because the Thar intends to be a practical off-road vehicle, it has several interior features that make off-road travel simpler and more comfortable. In this article, we will explore the interior of the Mahindra Thar in detail, looking at the various features and design elements that make it such a capable off-road vehicle.

Interior of Mahindra Thar

Interior of Mahindra Thar
Interior of Mahindra Thar
Seating and Comfort:

Despite becoming constructed to become a durable off-road vehicle, the Mahindra Thar doesn’t compromise comfort. The Thar is available in two seating configurations, a four-seater, and a six-seater. The four-seater model features two individual front seats and a rear bench seat, while the six-seater model has a front bench seat and a rear bench seat.

The Thar also features a range of comfort features that make driving off-road more comfortable. The vehicle comes with air conditioning, which can be adjusted to suit the temperature and humidity levels of the environment. The heater on the Thar is also helpful for keeping the cabin warm in chilly conditions. Additionally, the Thar has power windows and central locking to make it easy to open and close windows and doors.

Instrument Panel:

 Drivers of the Mahindra Thar can get all the information they require while traveling thanks to the instrument panel’s thoughtful design. The display is in the middle of the dashboard. It has a digital display that displays the vehicle’s speed, engine RPM, fuel level, and other crucial data. The Thar also has a multifunction steering wheel, which allows the driver to control the audio system.

Infotainment System:

An infotainment system for the Mahindra Thar includes keeping you entertained and connected while traveling. On the dashboard’s center is a touchscreen monitor that is part of the system. The display is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It allows the driver to connect their smartphone to the audio system and access their music, contacts, and other apps.

The Thar’s infotainment system also has several audio features, including a radio, USB and AUX ports, and Bluetooth connectivity. The system also includes a sound system to provide high-quality audio in the cabin, even while driving off-road.


The stowage capacity of the Mahindra Thar reflects the vehicle’s intent to become a valuable off-roader. The car has several storage options, including a glove box, door pockets, and a center console. The Thar also comes with a range of cup holders, which make it easy to store drinks while driving.

 In addition, the Thar has a trunk at the back of the car for carrying goods. Opening the tailgate will give you access to the compartment. The compartment has plenty of room for your bags and other belongings.

Off-Road Features:

The Mahindra Thar constructs a capable off-road vehicle, and it includes several features that make it simpler to travel through challenging territory. The Thar has a 4×4 system that allows the driver to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes, depending on the terrain. The vehicle also comes with a low-range gearbox, which provides additional torque and makes it easier to climb steep inclines and navigate through mud and sand.

The Thar’s off-road capabilities also include a high ground clearance, which allows it to clear obstacles simply, and a short overhang, which makes it easier to navigate tight turns and steep inclines. The Thar also features a rear differential lock, which provides additional traction in slippery conditions.

Another off-road feature of the Thar is its approach and departure angles. The vehicle has an approach angle of 41.8 degrees and a departure angle of 36.8 degrees. It can move through the rough territory without damaging the undercarriage and ascend steep inclines.

Safety Features:

The Mahindra Thar has several safety features that make it a safe vehicle to drive on and off the road. Dual front airbags in the car protect in the case of a collision. Additionally, the Thar comes with anti-lock brakes, which prevent the wheels from locking up during emergency braking and help the driver maintain control of the vehicle.

The Thar also features many advanced safety features, including electronic stability control, hill hold assist, and hill descent control. The Thar is a safer vehicle to operate in off-road conditions due to these features, which combine to offer more stability while traveling on hilly terrain.

Interior of Mahindra Thar- FAQ

Is Thar steering heavy?

The steering of the Mahindra Thar can be considered heavy by some drivers, especially when driving at low speeds or during parking maneuvers. It is due to the Thar’s off-road vehicle construction, which includes a solid front axle and hydraulic power steering. It provides a more direct and responsive steering feels but can require more effort to turn the wheel.

However, it is worth noting that the steering effort of the Thar can vary depending on the specific model and driving conditions.

Overall, the steering of the Mahindra Thar may feel heavy for some drivers. It is important to remember that this is a characteristic of the vehicle’s design and intends to provide better handling and control in off-road conditions.

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