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Rolls-Royce Sweptail

Like a designer gown or avant-garde fashion off the runway in Paris or New York, the Sweptail by Rolls-Royce is one of a kind. With a unique style, beautiful lines, and gorgeous styling, this luxury vehicle is more than a car. It’s a work of true craftsmanship. A Coachbuilt Rolls-Royce is an artistic journey and an experience you have to see to believe.

This vehicle is a true testament to that. Unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este on Italy’s Lake Como, it is a representation of how opulence and minimalist beauty can live harmoniously. Below we will talk about the story behind the Sweptail and the features that make it, unlike any other car you have ever seen. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when an artistic journey has no limit, take a look at the Sweptail.

Rolls Royce sweptail
Rolls Royce sweptail

Automotive Haute Couture

The Sweptail came about from a special patron’s deep love of the cars of the early 20th century that were his favorite. He approached the company in 2013, looking to bring his vision to life.

This love of early 20th century cars was mixed with the inspiration of many classic and modern yachts. Rolls-Royce built this vehicle with a beautiful tapering and seductively falling waist-rail. With bodywork that wraps under the car, there is no visible boundary, a nod to the hull of a ship and its yacht muses.

With a flowing roofline and its distinctive swept tail, it was crafted to embody everything this luxury brand is. It bears the company’s largest front grille ever fitted to a modern-era vehicle and is an impressive sight.

This one-of-a-kind Rolls even includes its own set of luggage and tailor-made laptop cases that match the interior of the Rolls-Royce Sweptail. No details have been missed, down to the

hand-polished chrome with a mirror-like finish to the bullet tip center brake light in the vehicle’s rear. And that number “08” so prominently center of the front and back of the car? That is its unique identifier and registration.

It makes you curious about the previous seven that came before it.

Rolls Royce sweptail-Stunning Interior Features

An all-glass roof fills the gorgeous leather interior with natural light. The glass roof tapers to the back end of the vehicle creating a stunning effect. The philosophy was an interior that exuded both elegance and simplicity.

Not without its opulence, of course. Including a polished wood hat shelf and luggage rails.

Rich materials are used and stand at the forefront of attention in this Rolls. Switchgear was kept minimal for this very reason. Seats contrast with a striking combination of light Moccasin and Dark Spice leather seats, armrests, and fascia surround.

Beautifully polished Macassar Ebony and open-pore Paldao create both visual and tactical contrast with the leather. Not to mention the console that has been designed specifically for two champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly. This is not just any champagne. It is a chilled vintage bottle of champagne from the year of the owner’s birth.

If you are looking for the car’s name anywhere, you will find it in only one place, embossed into the surface of the previously mentioned hat shelf. Clever and seen by only the keenest of observers.

Coachbuild – Truly Singular Creations

The Sweptail could never have been crafted without the genius and skill that is Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Coachbuild program. It is a program for those who desire rarity and will not put a timeline or price on obtaining the purest representation of luxury.

A design collaboration between patron and artisan, they work together from conception to delivery of a truly unique creation. Every line is purposefully refined and shaped, and there is a true devotion to the patron’s will. That is luxury.

Coachbuild is the most exclusive division of Bespoke. It is an invitation-only service that offers individuals of extraordinary achievement, culture, and vision the ability to craft an entirely original motor car. In addition, they then stake a claim in the legendary history of this storied vehicle manufacturer. From inception, the program has challenged the accepted idea of what a motor car is. That challenge has resulted in some of the most beautiful vehicles ever built.

Luxury and Mystery

As a one-of-a-kind vehicle designed and built for a distinguished and mysterious patron, there are some questions as to what lies inside the working elements of the Sweptail. This luxury car came in at an estimated price of nearly $13 million and was reported to be the most expensive new car ever commissioned.

The manufacturer did not release technical specs of the vehicle, but it is believed to be based on their current-generation Phantom platform. If this is true, under the breathtaking hood lies a version of the company’s 6.75-liter V-12.

The Sweptail is a true embodiment of time, care, and craftsmanship, showing exactly what can be accomplished when there are no boundaries, and a vision and artistic ability can merge into creating one unique and incredible vehicle. This is no factory-manufactured vehicle that you see on your commute to work or out in your daily life.

It is something special. Honed and perfected to showcase everything that the marque is, it is truly a work of art. It is highly doubtful we will ever see anything like it out on the road in our lifetimes. But, maybe the future holds an even more expensive and impressive creation by Rolls-Royce for our viewing pleasure.

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