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THE BEST CAR DEALERS IN USA: In today’s topic, we are going to talk about the best car dealers in the US. It’s the hard truth that cars are actually very expensive and most car lovers are trying so hard to reduce the prices in any probable way they can.

One of the most effective ways that you can get the car of your dreams that is in good condition and it will also not break your bank is to visit a car dealership.

There are so many people seeing for reasonable vehicles and there are countless car dealerships in the United States (America) The United States has become an authentic destination for car buyers from all over the world looking for a great vehicle on the cheap.

First of all, we need to know why is called a dealership and how car dealers work in the United States. A business is considered a dealership if its holder is authorized to sell a specific material (in other words they are dealers of that product). A car dealership either be franchised dealership selling new or probably already used cars.

It literally makes sense specifically for those who want a new luxurious car after every small span of time. Let me repeat that the United States has become a confirmed destination for car buyers. Let’s have a glance at the leading car dealerships in the United States.


  • CARMAX Inc.

 For sure it’s the largest and most used car dealer in the United States by the number of used vehicles. It was essentially created in September 1993. The company normally resells cars that are between one and six years old and has extremely strict rules and regulations for its mending and quality. Its purpose is to drive reliability by being very honest& clear in each interaction.  What makes CARMAX dealership different from others is that it offers 24-hour test drives and has a 30-day free return policy as well. This money-back agreement is not an option you’ll get at most car dealerships.


AutoNation is said to be the leading automotive trader in the United States, possibly because of its reputation and standards for being the largest of all online vehicle trailers. It not only provides you with the best vehicle out there but it also provides a selection of insurance products, maintenance and repair services, and prolonged service contracts. And one more way to get a car from AutoNation is to use their online services. AutoNation also opened a series of used car mega stores but inappropriately, they were not as good as expected. So that’s why they also included some brand new cars in the stores as well. The main feature that sets auto notion apart from all other vehicles is that it offers multi-tiered facility plans for those looking for a comprehensive auto warranty. 


It predominantly sells its vehicles in the United States, Canada, and some other countries in Western Europe as well. Their company also provides some commercial vehicle engines, and services in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. The company publicized to secure the SATURN BRANDS FROM GENERAL MOTORS in 2009 but this idea never worked as per expectations. One more clarifying fact about PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP Inc is that it employs an enormous 27,000 people at dissimilar locations around the globe.


OLLEN BRUTON SMITH, founder of the sonic motorway is also the executive chairman of speedway motorsports. It had almost 20 stores when it was initially launched in 1997 and sold 15 different vehicle brands. It operates over 100 dealerships across 14 states and 25 major citizen markets. SONIC AUTOMOTIVE NOW employs hundreds of people.  SMITH first channeled his obsession with cars into building and selling vehicles out of his parent’s garage.


BH-Berkshire Hathaway is a large multinational based out of the United States with subsidiaries in a wide diversity of industries. Berkshire automotive handles sales of new and already used vehicles. It also owns famous companies like GEICO, Duracell, and fruit of the loom. The organization has a market capitalization of close to $700 billion. It also owns a variety of well-known private businesses and important lesser interests in public companies such as apple.  


The best thing about group 1 automotive Inc. is that it’s not only limited to the United States. It has dealerships and repair centers in the UK and as well as in Brazil. Group 1 automotive system operates parts &services, new vehicles, used vehicles, and finance & insurance. Group 1 sells new and used vehicles, arranges financial facilities, offers maintenance and repair services, and also sells vehicle parts.   


It almost operates 96 franchises throughout 10 states and is best known for launching the online car-buying service known as GREENLIGHT. Its size and standard have played a massive part in backing the green light’s status and helping it catch on to its fame. It has expanded its number of locations such as Terry Lee Honda and Bill Estes Auto Group. Asbury Automotive group sold more than 180,000 automobiles alone in 2016.


It has come a very long way since it was started by RICK HENDRICK who turned his passion and love for automobiles into positive business and professional auto competing industries in BENNETTVILLE Company. In the United States, it’s the largest privately held automobile dealership. RICK became the youngest CHEVROLET dealer in the country after buying the company. 


Lithia motors are one of the largest automotive dealers in the US. It operates 267 stores in 24 states and 14 in Canada.


 It provides used automobiles from brands such as Toyota, Jeep, and Lexus, and it operated in 7 different countries. Miller dealerships operate 20 different automotive kinds across more than 60 dealership sites in those 7 western states.

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