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Lamborgini Showroom in India; Lamborghini is one of the most expensive sports cars in the world with celebrity attraction and is a dream car for some auto enthusiasts. Lamborghini sells its models in the Indian car market through a congested network you can say. makes it easy to find an authorized Lamborgini Showroom in India. You can get precise information of the Lamborgini Showroom in India such as an address, Contact number, email, etc…

Lamborgini Showroom in India
Lamborgini Showroom in India

List of  authorized Lamborgini Showroom in India

Lamborghini Bengaluru

Address:        10/8, Ground Floor, Lavelle Road, Umiya

Landmark, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001

Contact:               9945633909

Lamborghini Delhi

Address:              A – 16, Mathura Road, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,

New Delhi, Delhi 110044

Contact:               9711300700

Lamborghini Mumbai

Address:              Unit No.1, Ground Floor, Aman Chambers,

Veer Savarkar Road, Prabhadevi,

Opposite New Passport Office,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025

Contact:               9930221963

Are all models of Lamborghini available in India?

There are three (3) models of Lamborghini is available in the Indian market. The models include Lamborgini Urus, Lamborgini Huracan, Lamborgini Aventador. Urus is an SUV available at INR 3 crore, Huracan comes at a price bracket of INR 2.85 crore to 3.78 crores and the Aventador comes with a price range of INR 4.77 crores to 5.92 crores. Lamborgini Aventador is the top model available in India. You can buy any of these cars by visiting any of the above authorized Lamborgini Showroom in India.

About Lamborghini Cars

Lambo has a taste of revenge, In fact, it is Italy’s answer to the German racing car manufacturers. The company is founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. The Lambo cars directly compete with giant racing car manufacturers including Ferrari. Lamborghini is manufacturing super high-quality racing cars or sports cars and V12 engines for racing boats. The Hurracan , Urus, and the sexy Aventador are the popular models of Lamborghini.

Well, the carmaker had a liking for bull breeds that you can see on the Lamborghini emblem. Except for the first two models, all models of Lamborghini have the name of bulls.

Sports Car Two-seater Coupes

Lamborghini Huracan

 INR 2.85 crore to 3.78 crores

Five-seater SUV

Lamborghini Urus

 INR 3.00 Crore

Sports Car Two-seater Convertible

Lamborghini Aventador

INR 4.77 crores to 5.92 crores

Why are Lamborghini models are so expensive?

The first reason that Lamborghinis are expensive is that they are created in limited numbers.

The used materials are of top-notch luxury and an excellent list of premium features, Safety, Performance all make it too expensive.

The color options available in Lambo cars are super exciting. As its models are on the exotic list  Urus SUV is available in 13 different colors. And the sports cars like Huracan and Aventador come in more than 5 colors. to be more specific  Huracan comes in almost 19 colors and the second one with 5 color options. Hence its Lamborghini you can choose your color of attraction for your exotic Lamborgini model

What is the top speed of Lamborghini cars?

The cars produced by Lamborghini are mainly focused on performance. The Aventador, one of the finest sports cars has the capacity of achieving the top speed of 349 kmph. As we know Lamborghini sells expensive birds of the road, Lamborghini Urus delivers a mileage of 7.8 kmpl. Urus is powered by a V8 petrol engine. The Huracan is powered by a V-10DSI petrol mill that gives a mileage of 8 to 11.25 kmpl. The third Lambo model Aventador delivers a mileage of 5 kmpl to 8.8 kmpl which is powered by a V-10 engine.

Who Owns Lamborgini in India

As one of the dream cars of every auto enthusiast, Lamborghini stands at the top choices of celebrities. Lamborghini keeps secretive about their customers, however some of the high profile Lamborghini owners in India are Gautam Singhania, Yuvraj Singh, Nikhil Gowda, John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty, Prithwiraj Sukumaran, Ranbir Kapoor.

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