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Audi e Tron: With several major auto companies that have set foot into the world of electric cars in the past couple of years, it was about time for the German automotive manufacturer Audi to follow their step and release their first all-electric production car. With tough competitors, such as Tesla Model X and the I-Pace, in the same category, the question pegs itself; is the 2022 Audi e-Tron a good car? To answer that, we are going to be taking a look at every detail of Audi’s first all-electric car.

Audi e tron
Audi e tron

Audi e Tron – Design

When you first take a look at the e-Tron, you’ll probably think that it’s the average luxurious SUV–after all, it has got that appearance. However, the reality is far from that. The exterior of the e-Tron doesn’t give away the fact that this SUV is, in fact, an all-electric car and not a gas-powered car. In addition to having a traditional Audi look, the e-Tron also boasts impressive specs, a spacious and comfortable cabin, and most importantly, it’s very cost-effective, making it one of the top all-electric luxury SUVs in the market.

For the first generation having been released in 2018, the Audi e-Tron has had a few changes and they’re now offering more options for the 2022 e-Tron model. For starters, the e-Tron SUV and the Sportback can now be equipped with orange brake calipers and new 21-inch wheel designs. Moreover, the prestige trim of the Audi has been replaced by the Chronos Edition trim.

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Features -Audi e-Tron

The German car manufacturer really went all out with the top-spec model, which is the e-Tron Chronos Edition. This edition boasts LED matrix headlights, and the Black Optic package–in addition to the orange brake calipers and the 21-inch wheels. As for the opulent cabin, it features gray wood interior accents, a black headliner, and rear-seat side airbags.

When it comes to the Sportback Premium edition, it’s equipped with a 360-degree camera system, the Black Optic package, as well as features like blind-spot monitoring, heated seats, climate control, leather upholstery, and a panoramic sunroof.

Audi e Tron price

The price point ranges from the Premium version, which is the most affordable out of them with a price of $66,955 USD, to the Chronos Edition at $84,495 USD. 

Engine and Performance

Now, for the most important part of any car; the performance. As you can expect from the German car manufacturer, the performance of the Audi e-Tron is smooth and impeccable. The SUV is equipped with two electric motors that are each located at the front axle and at the rear. Consequently, the e-Tron has an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 124 mph.

In regular driving mode, the two motors produce 355 horsepower and 414 pound-feet of torque. But, if driven with the transmission’s Sport mode, it can produce 401 horsepower and 490 pound-feet.

The SUV has a range of around 222 miles, give or take, which might be a bit shorter in comparison to electric cars the likes of I-Pace and Model X Long Range, having a range of 234 and 371 miles respectively.

While this short-range might be a downside to the SUV, on the flip side of the coin, the car luckily doesn’t take long to recharge. With the 150 kW fast-charging stations, the e-Tron can be charged from zero to 80% in just 30 minutes. However, if the e-Tron were to charge at home with a dedicated 240-volt outlet, it’ll take around 9 hours to fully charge.


As for the interior of the e-Tron, it exudes elegance and luxury–which is something you don’t usually see in many all-electric vehicles.

From the first glance, you could tell that the material covering every surface of the cabin is top-quality and polished. The dashboard of the SUV features the fully digital Virtual Cockpit and two mounted touchscreens.

The entry-level e-Tron comes with a standard leather interior; however, Valcona leather is available in the more expensive editions.

One thing that Audi knocked it out of the park with is the rear-facing camera that is in place of the conventional door mirrors. The cameras are high-resolution, and they feed the footage to small screens located in the doors.

As always, Audi also offers tons of options to upgrade the interior of the car, which includes a head-up display and massaging front seats. 

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Other Features

The Audi e-Tron features dual-screen infotainment systems with two touchscreens; a 10.1-inch display, and an 8.8-inch right below it. Both touchscreens are fairly easy to navigate but they do take some time to get used to.

If you don’t like the e-Tron’s tech features, the good news is, you can actually use your preferred phone apps with the built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

Audi’s choice to avoid a seven-seat option for the e-Tron has allowed it to maximize the cabin space, and as a result, the cabin is very spacious and has plenty of legroom for every seat.

There’s a small space for cargo under the hood in addition to the central cubby between the front seats, and the boot space. There are also plenty of clever storage units located throughout the cabin.

Final Verdict

All things considered, the Audi e-Tron–whether it’s the entry-level model or other more expensive editions–is definitely worth the price for a multitude of reasons.

There’s no denying that this SUV is on the pricey side, but it’s safe to say that many cars in the same category pale in comparison to the e-Tron when it comes to the specs and the overall quality of the car. However, it’s also important to note that, as we previously mentioned, the e-Tron lacks the driving range in comparison to its competitors.

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