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Innova Hycross price in India: Innova has always been a prominent moniker for the Japanese automaker. Innova was launched in 2004 and got as much success as no other MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle).

After many years where the Innova went through various facelifts, and a proper generation update with the ‘Crysta’ badge, it’s time to embrace another major update of Innova in India. The new car is called the ‘Innova HyCross’ with a powertrain being one of the many new additions. Let’s know in detail about the new Toyota Innova HyCross. First of all, we will discuss the exterior design of Innova HyCross.

Innova Hycross price in India

-> Exterior Design:

                         The design elements of Innova HyCross are inspired by SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). It has an Innova badge on the front of it. It has a beautiful and new honeycomb mesh grille in front of it which helps it to look sporter and in the mid of this grille there is a chrome strip.

     The vehicle now has a sleeker LED headlamp with LED DRLs. Its daytime running lights do not work only as daytime running lights but also as indicators. It also gets sleeker wraparound LED tail lights at the back. Innova HyCross also includes fog lamps on its front which are not too noticeable.

More about Design

               The butch character lines, thin body cladding, larger wheel arches, new set of 18-inch alloy wheels, and the slightly sloping roofline effect due to its quarter glass make the side profile look even more like an SUV. The Innova HyCross is made longer and slightly wider than the current Innova Crysta.

The wheelbase of the new Innova stands at 2850 mm. The new Innova HyCross is furnished with a 360-degree camera and front and back parking sensors, and it is facilitated with ADAS sensors and radar.

         All the visible elements have been toned down and tempered and a prominently black finish has been applied to the vehicle this includes blacked-out elements in the grille, bumpers shoulder lines, and so on.

-> Interior Design:

                          Now we are going to discuss the interior design of Innova HyCross. It has a new dashboard design which is upmarket and looks refreshing while giving a resemblance to Toyota. The dashboard is ended in dual-tone and has soft-touch materials with almost no scratchy plastic. Its gear lever is mounted upright on the dashboard, freeing up a lot of space in the center console.

-> Features:

          The previous generations of Innova were known for their functionality over features. This time, however, the MPU is filled to the brim with technology. New Innova HyCross includes a 10.1-inch of floating infotainment display, multi-zone climate control system, JBL-sourced music system, multi-functional steering wheel, wireless charging, digital instrument cluster, and many more.

          The Innova’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition)  has always been its comfortable cabin, and with HyCross they have taken it a step further with new features such as a powered driver seat with memory function, ventilated front seats, captain seats for the rear passengers with recline mode and leg rest features.

             One of the major highlights of Innova HyCross is its powered second seat.

The captain-row seats also get an ottoman feature which basically focuses on utmost comfort. Innova HyCross has equipped with some segment-first features. The front passengers can choose their own temperature and fan speed. On the other hand, the other two rows get their own separate switch.

-> Safety:

                The Japanese automaker has taken safety even more seriously with Innova HyCross. These safety measures include a 360-degree surround camera, six airbags, blind spot monitoring, and an electronic parking brake with auto hold.

-> Engine:

                 The new Innova HyCross will use the Corolla’s 2-liter petrol and strong-hybrid power units. The hybrid engine is rated at 194PS on the Corolla and comes paired with an e-CUT. The 2-liter non-hybrid petrol is tuned to deliver 179PS and 202Nm.

          Toyota has 1 diesel engine and 1 petrol engine on offer. The diesel engine is 2449cc while the petrol engine is 1998cc. It is available with manual transmission. The Innova has a mileage ranges from 11.4 to 12.99 kmpl depending on the variant and fuel type.

-> Launching date and Price: Innova Hycross price in India

               Innova HyCross is expected to launch in India in January 2023 and its expected Innova Hycross price in India starts from 20 Lack.


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