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Bajaj Auto is an Indian automobile company. It is a company which is loved and trusted by a lot of countries. The headquarters of this company is in Pune. This automobile company manufactures two-wheelers and three-wheelers mostly. They also provide their users with high-quality scooters, bikes, and auto rickshaws. Bajaj is a very old business house in India that was founded by Jamaal Bajaj. It came into existence in its earliest form in 1945. Bajaj has been serving the societies for more than 80 years. It offers basic features to many bike companies but in reliability, it is better than a lot of brands.

Countries that use Bajaj bikes:

Bajaj is known as the world’s favorite Indian brand. This company is not only popular in India but also in several other countries. This brand is also India’s no 1 motorcycle exporter. This company sells its products in 70 other countries. Not only known for bikes it is the world’s largest manufacturer of three-wheelers. So this brand has earned fame and the label of one of the most trustworthy brands. Starting from Pune this brand has reached across the globe. Their bikes are being used in Colombia, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, and more.

Total models:

Bajaj Automotive Company offers a total of 25 types of bikes. different features, different models,  different builds up and so are the prices. All bikes they offer come in different prices. Let’s check out the prices of different models.

Bajaj Bikes price in India

Bajaj pulsar RS 200:

This bike is a favorite of many. It is a super stylish bike. As per the June 2023 prices, this bike costs you approximately 2 lakh and some thousand. This bike has extraordinary attributes to make the money worth spending. It is a 199.5 cc bike with 35kmpl speed.

Bajaj pulsar 220 F:

This bike like all others is highly appreciated and loved. It is available in a total of 4 colors. It has one trainer, and its price in 2023 is 1.38 lac. This bike is a sports bike type with a halo0gen headlamp. Its maximum power and maximum speed are 20.4 PS and 136kmph respectively.

Bajaj pulsar NS200:

This bike is a kind of new variant. It is not only available in India but also in some other countries.  It’s a super cool and super stylish bike and it is considered a street bike. This bike has new attributes that make people attracted to it. it’s on load price is 1 lac 80 thousand.

Bajaj pulsar 125:

This bike is considered a simple Bajaj bike. Of course, it is simple, so it has to be very common among people. That’s the fact that it is the hottest-selling bike among all bikes in the Bajaj collection. Its on-load price is between 98,000 to 1 lac. T is also available in different variants. Different variants mean different prices. Its variant like split C of Bajaj 125 comes in 1 lac 8 thousand.

Bajaj pulsar pocket rocket:

Kind of similar to the Bajaj 200 but more affordable. It’s a pocket friend for those who love Bajaj 200. Its price is 1 lac 26 thousand.

Bajaj pulsar NS1 60:

 It is the latest E20 bike which cost approximately 1 lac 57 thousand. Its design is kind of sporty and comes with a good build overall. It is powered by a 164.82 cc air-cooled engine. Overall it’s worth buying.

Bajaj Domino 400:

If someone is looking for a bike to get a tour, Domino 400 is the best choice. This bike gives you every safety feature during a tour. Some rocky patches, uneven ground, and a perilous journey, no problem at all if you have a Bajaj Domino 400. Its price is approximately 2.29 lac. This is the most expensive model.

Bajaj Chetek:

To attract youngsters of the generation. This two-wheeler called Bajaj Chetek is an electrical scooter. Initially, it was a bared scooter but later Bajaj Company modified it. Now this electric scooter comes in 6 different colors. It also has 3 variants. Its price range is between 1.15 lac to 1.23 lac. It is an affordable yet premium offering.

Bajaj pulsar N1 50:

It is a 149 cc bike with tubules tire type. It is a commuter bike, with a price of 1.15 lv. After the entry of this bike in the segment of 150cc it has been a solid choice for many.

Bajaj Platina 100:

Bajaj Platina 100 is also one of the most adorable models. It is quite worth it as it gives you a smooth ride even on a rough road. It is a stylish bike that starts with an electric start mechanism. Its tip variant has a p[ice tag of Rs 59,424. Its engine is powered by a 102 cc engine and is available in 3 different variants.

Bajaj Platina 110:

Bajaj Platina 10 is another exciting and lush model of Baja bike. Its engine is of 115cc power. Its price in India is 70,400 to 72,821 in India.

Bajaj dominar 250:

Another street bike on the list is the Baja Dominar 250. It has 3 colors but only 1 variant is available. It’s a little more heavy as compared to other bikes and comes in at 1,78292 rs in India.\

Bajaj CT11OX:

Its price is Rs 69,216. It is also available in 1 variant and 3 colors like the Bajaj Diminer 250.

Bajaj Avenger Street 160:

It has a mileage of 47.2 km. It is a fuel-injected bike with a whooping price of 1.14 lakh in India.

Bajaj CT125X:

This bike comes with some exciting features like 11 Nm torque and a fuel capacity of 11 L. IT HAS TWO VARIANR CT dumps and CT docs. Its price range is between 74,016 to 77,216 Rs.

Bajaj avenger cruise 220:

A cruiser bike that Bajaj offers in 1 variety and 2 different colors is the Bajaj Avenger Cruise, 220. It is specially built for journeys on commutes of short cities or along highways. This versatile bike can cost you 1.50 Lakh.

Bajaj avenger 220 street:

It is also a street bike with wider seats. This bike gives a laid-back ricking position. It has 1 variant and is available in 2 colors. l its price is 1.43 lakh.


Every company tries to offer the best possible thing. That’s what Bajaj Company does. They offer plenty of bikes with variations in prices. Hope you find all the prices in this article but there are a lot more bikes you can search for. Bajaj will continue to serve Bike lovers as they are soon launching their upcoming models which are Baja para NS 400 and Bajaj Avenger 400.

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