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  The history of three-wheel motorcycles is very rich and it dates back to the early 20th century. It is not discovered exactly and it is hard to pinpoint exactly who introduced them first. There is not even a single definite answer to this but several notable pioneers are there in this field. According to the researchers, one of the early innovators was Morgan Motor Company, a British automaker renowned for its handcrafted vehicles. Since 1909, Morgan Motor Company has been introduced and has made significant contributions to the development of three-wheel motorcycles. In creating these awesome three-wheelers, They played an important role in the creation of these awesome three-wheeled motorcycles. They introduced the Morgan Super Sports in 1910, which had a three-wheel configuration.

Development of three-wheel motorcycles

These vehicles gained immense popularity and paved the way for future three-wheel motorcycle designs. Another remarkable figure in this field was Georges Gauthier, a talented French engineer. He made significant contributions to the development of three-wheel motorcycles. It is truly fascinating to witness how these innovators shaped the industry. In 1912, Gauthier designed and patented a three-wheel motorcycle called the Tricar. It is incredible to see how far three-wheel motorcycles have come since their early days, starting with a single rear wheel and two front wheels, which provided stability and easy control.

Over time, different manufacturers and inventors worked on improving these motorcycles. The bold and notable names that have played a significant role in the development of three-wheel motorcycles are Harley-Davidson, Piaggio, and Can-Am. These three-wheel motorcycles have been incredibly famous and the reason behind this is that they provide a unique riding experience that combines the stability of a car with the excitement of a motorcycle. It is an unbelievable combination for those seeking a thrilling and secure riding experience and it is just incredible to see how they are constantly evolving new designs and features to meet the growing demand. We hope this gives you a good overview of the background history of three-wheel motorcycles. When it comes to three-wheeled motorcycles, there are some companies worth mentioning and we will discuss all these in this article. Let’s go ahead.

Who makes three-wheel motorcycles?


Harley Davidson is a super cool and iconic American motorcycle company that makes awesome three-wheeled motorcycles. They have a line that is called Harley Davidson Trike that perfectly blends the iconic Harley Davidson style with the stability and control of having three wheels. These trikes offer you a smooth and comfortable ride, which makes them a top choice for riders who want to experience the thrill of Harley Davidson with added stability.


Can-Am is a famous brand that makes some awesome three-wheel motorcycles. Including Can-Am Spyder, they have introduced a variety of models. With two wheels in the front and one in the rear, these vehicles have a cool and sleek “Y” frame design. It has a cool setup that provides a unique riding experience. This design gives them stability and makes the riding experience super thrilling. Can-Am three-wheelers are famous and well-known for their strong and powerful engines, advanced technology, and comfortable seats. These vehicles are one of the top choices for riders who want a unique and exciting ride.


Polaris is a super cool manufacturer that makes amazing power sports vehicles including three-wheeled motorcycles. They make every sort of great stuff and one of their famous brands is the Slingshot. With their sleek designs and powerful engines, Polaris gives you an exciting ride. So, if you are craving some excitement on the road, Polaris is definitely the way to go and you will definitely enjoy the ride. It is like a super fun and speedy open-air roadster.


Yamaha is a well-established motorcycle manufacturer that makes awesome stuff, including motorcycles. It has an awesome lineup of three-wheeled motorcycles called the Yamaha Tricity. Yamaha bikes have extra stability and control just due to owning a cool design with two wheels in front and one in the back. If you are in the market and searching for a cool three-wheeler, Yamaha is a great option. It is all about making your riding experience. It has many models but Niken is super unique among them with its dual front wheels that offer even better stability and cornering performance.


  Piaggio is an Italian manufacturing company that makes really cool stuff. It has an amazing range of three-wheeled motorcycles called Piaggio MP3. This three-wheel scooter is well known for its stability and comfort. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, it’s super stable and easy to ride. Making their three-wheelers a great choice for urban commuting or exploring the city, Piaggio focuses on stylish and practical designs. If you are in search of a reliable and fun ride, Piaggio is an amazing option to be with.

Morgan Motor Company:

Morgan Motor Company is another awesome company that makes three-wheel motorcycles. With a style that is totally unique and classic, Morgan Motor Company is an awesome company. This has been around since 1909 and is famous for its hand-crafted vehicles that combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. If you are seeking a three-wheeler that comes with a touch of vintage charm, you will not regret choosing Morgan Motor Company. These cars are mostly famous for their classic cars, they also offer the Gge Morgan three-wheeler, which is a super cool and retro-styled three-wheel motorcycle.


Rewaco is another awesome German manufacturer specializing in three-wheel motorcycles. Absolutely! Rewaco has a range of models known for their sleek designs and powerful engines. Their models, like the RF1 LT-2, combine comfort, performance, and a sleek design. If you are looking for a thrilling ride with style, Rewaco has got you covered. Rewaco is a German manufacturer specializing in three-wheel motorcycles.

Campagna Motors:

Campagna Motors is another cool company that makes three-wheel motorcycles. It is a company based in Canada, that produces the T-Rex, a high-performance three-wheel motorcycle that offers a thrilling and sporty riding experience. They have a unique and sporty design that’s sure to turn heads. Campagna Motors is all about providing an exhilarating and fun riding experience. If you are looking for a unique and exciting ride, Campagna Motors is definitely worth checking out.


Slingshot is a brand owned by Polaris Industries, an American manufacturer. The Slingshot lineup are three-wheel roadster that introduces a unique and exciting driving experience. Slingshot vehicles are built for those who are searching for an adventurous ride on the open road, with their sleek design and powerful engines If you are looking for a thrilling and unforgettable driving experience, you should definitely try Slingshot at least for once.


Vanderhall Motor Works is an American manufacturer known for its handcrafted, three-wheel autocycles. Their vehicles, such as the Vanderhall Venice and Vanderhall Carmel, blend classic design elements with modern technology. Vanderhall autocycles are designed to provide a comfortable and thrilling driving experience, making them a popular choice among enthusiasts.


Including Harley-Davidson, Can-Am, Polaris, Yamaha, Piaggio, Morgan Motor Company, Rewaco, and Campagna Motors, there are many more companies that manufacture three-wheeled motorcycles. Having their own unique styles and features, these companies offer distinct styles and features in their three-wheeled motorcycles, catering to different preferences and riding preferences.

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