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If you fill your car with petrol instead of diesel or diesel instead of petrol, it is sure that the vehicle will get work. There are a few things to keep in mind on such occasions. Adding diesel to a petrol engine car and adding petrol to a diesel engine car are common mistakes. Mostly the petrol pump attendants fill the fuel only after making sure by looking at the car and asking us, but sometimes mistakes happen. Even these mistakes will have to pay a heavy price.

Diesel cars

As more stringent emissions regulations come in, many carmakers are phasing out their diesel powertrains. Therefore, diesel cars are generally less available today. Many companies are now ditching the diesel variants and replacing them with only petrol variants. Maruti Suzuki cars are an example of this.

Be Careful

Fuel systems in cars are very sensitive. Therefore, if the fuel is changed, it is sure that the vehicle will get punished. The fuel injection pump in a diesel car needs the lubrication property of diesel to work properly. But there is no doubt that if you pump petrol into this vehicle, you will get work till your pocket is empty.

Diesel engines

Diesel fuel pumps are designed to pump fuel at a higher pressure than petrol engines. Therefore, it costs more to replace them than petrol vehicles. Now, even if you pour diesel into a petrol car, it is certain that you will lose a lot of money. A diesel can clog a vehicle’s gasoline filter and cause spark plug problems.

What to Do If You Misfuel Petrol or Diesel?

First thing to do

People traveling by car need to be told which fuel to fill the vehicle with at any petrol station. Once you find out that your car has been replaced with petrol or diesel, there are things you can do before the vehicle gets too much work.

Fuel line

If the wrong fuel is pumped into the car, stop the car safely and call a service center or mechanic. Or if you change the fuel and the vehicle does not start, immediately disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank to the engine.

What not to do

If you have filled up a petrol car with diesel, do not attempt to start the vehicle by using a hose to get the diesel out of the tank. Because there is likely to be some diesel left at the bottom of the tank anyway. Even if you hit the petrol later, diesel will remain at the bottom as it is a heavy fuel.

Avoid mistakes

Since the diesel fuel in a petrol vehicle sits in the lower part of the tank, the diesel will be the first to reach the engine when the vehicle is started. This can cause damage to the vehicle. Keeping all these things in mind, the first thing you should do is tell the attendants whether you need petrol or diesel at any petrol station. This will help avoid mistakes.

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