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The most important thing that people who use cars say is that they are not getting the same mileage as when they were first used, and they are not getting the mileage that the company says they are getting. The main reason for low mileage is ourselves. In order to get the best mileage, there are certain things that need to be taken care of in the car and driving.

Driving habits and the condition of cars are important factors that affect mileage. If you pay attention to a few things, the mileage will increase a lot. We are looking for such things.

How to increase the fuel efficiency of your Car? – 8 Tips

Take care of Engine

One of the best ways to improve your car’s mileage is to take proper care of your car. If you drive your car with old filters or if the engine is not maintained properly, the mileage will be greatly reduced. Make sure the air filters are changed correctly and that the engine is getting enough oil, air, and fuel.

Don’t drive with an overload

It is not good to carry a lot of load while traveling in a car for a long distance, carrying more people in a car that is supposed to carry five people will add extra weight to the car. Mileage also varies depending on the weight of the car. So always take care to reduce the weight of the car as much as possible.

Be careful of  engine oils

Oil is the most important factor in engine mileage and bad oil can mess up mileage. It is important to ensure that the correct oil is used for each car. The vehicle’s manual will provide information about this.

Do not use pedals as you wish

Driving is a major factor affecting mileage. Always be careful when pedaling. Do not use the accelerator unnecessarily. Sudden braking and sudden acceleration are factors that reduce the vehicle’s mileage a lot.

Air pressure in tires

Tires are important parts of cars. If the tires are not properly inflated it can cause low mileage. An under-inflated tire increases friction with the road. It reduces mileage. Over-inflated tires will give you more mileage, but will also cause the car to lose control. So always pump enough air into the vehicle.

Be careful with the gear shift

Gear shifting is the most important factor in driving a car. Accurate gear shifting is necessary to increase mileage. The driver must acquire the ability to shift into the desired gear when required. If the gear is used as it seems, the mileage will be greatly reduced.

Take care of Wheel alignment

If you have misaligned tires on your car, this can significantly affect your mileage. Poor alignment can reduce mileage by up to 10%. It also increases tire wear. Therefore, be sure to check the alignment of the car tires at regular intervals.

Speed is your enemy

One of the most important ways to improve a car’s mileage, but one that most people don’t care about, is related to speed. Driving at high speed will consume more fuel. So drive in top gear to get more mileage. It will not only save fuel but also your life.

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