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Upcoming Hyundai Creta – Exterior, Interior and Features

The Hyundai Creta has been popular among Indian car buyers since its launch in 2015. The Creta has been a game changer for Hyundai, dominating the compact SUV segment in India. Over the years, the vehicle has undergone several features, both in terms of design and features, to keep up with the changing market trends and customer demands. In 2023, Hyundai Motors India Limited (HIML) is all set to launch the next generation of its popular car, the Creta, which promises to take the popular SUV to new heights. Here, we will look at what to expect from the upcoming Hyundai Creta 2023.

Exterior Design

The upcoming Hyundai Creta 2023 expects to contain a bold and sporty design, with sharp lines and curves that give it a distinctive appearance. The front of the car will surround by sleek LED headlights. The large wheel arches, side skirts, and roof rails will give the Creta a rugged look, while the aggressive stance and high ground clearance will make it suitable for rough terrain. The rear of the vehicle will likely feature wraparound LED tail lights and a sporty bumper, which will complete the sporty look of the Creta.

Interior Design

The interior has always been one of its strong points, 2023 model will continue this trend. The interior of the upcoming Hyundai Creta 2023 will be spacious and well-appointed, with premium materials and a range of advanced features. The dashboard will be sleek and modern, with a touchscreen infotainment system that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The front and rear seats will be comfortable and offer good support, with enough legroom and headroom for even tall passengers. 

Luggage Capacity

The boot of the upcoming Hyundai Creta 2023 will be spacious and well-designed, offering ample storage space for a family’s luggage or any other items they may need to bring along on a trip. The boot will feature a practical and convenient design, easy access, and a low loading height. The car will have a range of additional storage spaces, such as door pockets, cup holders, and a glove box, providing drivers and passengers with convenient and accessible storage options. Overall, the boot of the Hyundai Creta 2023 will be a best-selling point, offering both practicality and convenience.

Powertrain Options

The engine of the upcoming Hyundai Creta 2023 will be one of the key highlights of the popular SUV. The car will have the power advanced features, petrol and diesel, to cater to customer preferences. The petrol engines will be 1.5-liter and 1.4-liter units producing 115hp and 144NM of torque. The diesel engines will be 1.5-liter units producing 115hp and 250NM of torque, with manual or automatic transmission.

In terms of performance, the Creta 2023 will offer a smooth and comfortable ride, with good acceleration and responsive handling. The engines will be fuel-efficient and have good power, making the Creta an ideal choice for city and highway driving. Additionally, the advanced technology used in the engines reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency, making the Creta 2023 an environmentally friendly option.

Overall, the engine of the Hyundai Creta 2023 will be a best-selling point, offering a range of advanced features and performance capabilities that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

Transmission Options

The 2023 Creta expects to come with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. The petrol engine will likely have a 6-speed manual and a CVT automatic transmission. The other aspect diesel engine, on the other hand, is expected to come with a 6-speed manual and a torque converter automatic transmission. The hybrid powertrain is likely to have a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Safety Features

The 2023 Creta expects to come with several advanced safety features, including six airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and electronic stability control. The top-end variant expects to come with additional safety features, including front parking sensors, a 360-degree camera, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Price and Competition

The Creta has always been a value-for-money proposition, and the 2023 model expects to continue that trend. The new model of Creta will be priced between INR 10 lakh to INR 17 lakh (ex-showroom), depending on the variant and features. Creta’s main competitors in the compact SUV segment include the Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, Renault Duster, and MG Hector.


The Creta has been a runaway success for Hyundai, and the 2023 version expects to take the game to the next level. With its refreshed design, improved features, and better powertrain options, the Creta has to continue its dominance in the compact SUV segment. Creta’s loyal customer base will eagerly wait for the launch, and Hyundai’s competitors will watch closely.


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