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Maruti Suzuki, a well-known brand in the Indian automobile industry, has introduced the Invicto as its flagship SUV, which sits above the Grand Vitara in the brand’s SUV lineup. This enticing model has a hybrid powertrain, a shorter waiting period, and competitive pricing, making it a worthy competitor in the SUV market. This article delves into the key features that distinguish the Maruti Invicto, as well as some considerations for prospective buyers.

Things to know before buying Maruti Suzuki Invicto

What Makes the Invicto Stand Out

Hybrid Efficiency

Borrowing its hybrid powertrain from the Hycross, the Invicto positions itself as a fuel-efficient model. Its combination of a 2.0-litre Atkinson petrol engine, an electric motor, and a battery pack results in not only an impressive power output but also an ARAI-claimed mileage of 23.24 kmpl. This blend of performance and efficiency is a compelling proposition for environmentally conscious consumers.

Shorter Waiting Period

In comparison to its rival, the Hycross, the Maruti Invicto has a distinct advantage in terms of waiting time. Customers can expect to wait less than a year, which is a significant improvement over the nearly two-year wait associated with the Hycross. This rapid availability ensures that eager customers can experience the performance and features of Invicto sooner.

Accessible Service Network

As part of Maruti’s commitment to customer satisfaction, Invicto benefits from the brand’s extensive service network. Retailed through Nexa outlets, Invicto owners can enjoy the convenience of widespread service centers, ensuring easy access to maintenance and support.

Value-for-Money Proposition

With a price that is Rs. 1 lakh cheaper than the Hycross, the Invicto presents itself as a value-for-money alternative. This affordability factor coupled with its hybrid efficiency adds to its allure as an enticing option in the SUV segment.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

Feature Differentiation

While the Invicto offers affordability and hybrid benefits, it does miss out on certain features compared to its sibling. These include the absence of the nine-speaker JBL sound system, smaller 17-inch wheels, and the omission of second-row Ottoman seats with power adjustment.

Choosing the Right Variant

Alpha Plus Trim

For buyers looking for a comprehensive package of features, the Alpha Plus variant is a standout choice. Priced at Rs. 28.42 lakh, it offers electrically-adjustable driver seats with memory function, ventilated front seats, dual-zone climate control, a powered tailgate, a spacious 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay, a panoramic sunroof, and more.

Zeta Plus Trim

Alternatively, the Zeta Plus trim is priced more competitively at Rs. 24.79 lakh and features the same hybrid powertrain. While it lacks some of the premium features found in the Alpha Plus variant, it provides a more affordable option without sacrificing hybrid capabilities.


The Maruti Invicto is an intriguing proposition in the SUV market, combining hybrid efficiency, shorter wait times, a large service network, and competitive pricing. While it lacks a few features compared to its counterpart, its balance of performance, affordability, and environmental friendliness makes it an appealing choice for consumers looking for a dependable and efficient SUV. Maruti Suzuki continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the evolving automotive landscape with Invicto.

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