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In India today many people are opting for automatic cars but the love of manual cars has not decreased at all. For those who prefer manual cars, there are many advantages to them. There is no doubt that automatic cars are better for city driving and more. But let’s see why you should choose a manual car. People who are not interested in this can opt for an automatic car. Automatic cars also have their advantages.

5 Reasons why Manual Cars are Better than Automatic

The price

Price is an important factor for new car buyers in India. Everyone’s goal is to have a better car at a lower price. Cars with manual transmissions are available at lower prices than automatic models. Cars with automatic transmission can sometimes be bought for the same price as manual transmission variants with even better features. Hence, manual cars are better for people who are price-conscious.


Maintenance of cars is an important factor for common people. People don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs. Cars with manual transmissions have lower maintenance costs than cars with automatic transmissions. Cars with manual transmissions will not cost as much as automatic cars even if something happens to their gearbox.

Service availability

Most car mechanics in India specialize in servicing cars with manual transmissions. Just because automatic cars haven’t been on the road for a long time doesn’t mean they can’t service the car in an emergency. Automatic cars can be repaired only by going to the service center. This is very important in a country like India.


Cars with automatic transmissions are getting better mileage, but manual cars generally get better fuel economy. A good driver doesn’t necessarily get the mileage he gets from a manual transmission in an automatic. It is also worth noting that some vehicles get more mileage with the automatic model. Automatics don’t necessarily get the same mileage as manual cars in cities.

The fun of driving

People who are used to driving manual cars may not enjoy driving automatic cars. Especially the youth will be interested in manual cars. Manual cars give the driver more control over the powertrain and power delivery. Gear shifts also feel more in control of the car. For people who love to drive, it is best to choose a manual car.


In conclusion, while the trend toward automatic cars is undeniable, the appeal of manual cars remains steadfast for several compelling reasons. Price-conscious consumers will find manual cars to be a budget-friendly option, often offering similar features to their automatic counterparts at a more affordable cost. Moreover, the lower maintenance expenses associated with manual transmissions make them an attractive choice for those looking to minimize long-term upkeep costs.

In India, where car servicing infrastructure leans towards manual transmissions, the widespread availability of skilled mechanics further solidifies the practicality of opting for manual cars. Additionally, the superior fuel economy of manual vehicles, combined with the thrill of actively controlling gear shifts, contributes to a more engaging and satisfying driving experience, particularly for enthusiasts and the youth.

While automatic cars have their merits, including ease of city driving and convenience, the enduring allure of manual transmissions cannot be overlooked. The decision between manual and automatic ultimately rests on individual preferences and priorities. As the automotive landscape evolves, both manual and automatic options will continue to coexist, offering distinct advantages to cater to a diverse range of drivers and their unique driving styles.

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