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There is not usually much going on in November but this year it is a little bit different because the new brand-new Toyota CH-R will be launched. In this article, we will tell you everything else you need to know about this brand-new small SUV that also thinks it is a partner so stay tuned and let us go ahead.

The Toyota C-HR-Where Style Meets Substance in the World of SUVs

Exterior Looks:

The Toyota C-HR has been around for a few years now. It was originally launched back in 2016. Well, it is fair to say that Toyota had a bit of an image problem. Sure, its models were exceptionally reliable and many of them impressed fuel economy too but fashionable not at least for anyone under retirement age. But the Toyota C-HR changed that with its bold and quirky styling and really it is more of the same with this updated version. The basic silhouette of the car is remarkably similar, and it sits on the same underpinnings as before as well which is also shared with a more conventional-looking Corolla.

The design is a bit more modern though, so you have gotten this hammerhead front end here that we have also seen on the fully electric bead 4X. And if we talk about the sides, you will notice that integrated door handles are now flushed with the bodywork. Round at the back, the boomerang taillights are being replaced by the single bar that goes right across the rear end and when you lock or unlock the car, you get a light sequence with a car’s name in the middle.


We are used to seeing manufacturers making cars bigger with every new generation but that is not the case here. The new CH-R is slightly smaller than before because it has a 25mm (about 0.98 in) shorter front overhang. It is 35 mm (about 1.38 in) wider though and it is available with bigger alloy wheels as well. These are 19s but you can have up to 20s on some of the other trim levels and these changes Toyota says in the press release here are to make the CH-R look poised and dynamic from every angle. But it does not matter what Toyota thinks it matters what potential buyers think. So let us know what you think of the look of the new CH-R.


Just like the outgoing Toyota C-HR, the new CH-R also offers four trim levels: Icon, Design, GR Sport, and Excel. However, for a limited time, there’s also the Premium Edition we’re discussing today, which includes a bundle of luxury and safety features. The CH-R may not be cheap, but even the entry-level Icon trim comes with a decent amount of equipment like keyless entry, a reversing camera, climate control, and LED headlights. There are 17 distinct colors and color combinations to go for. It has by Tone plus a black rear end.


In the UK, the old CH-R was available exclusively as a so-called self-charging hybrid but this new one will also be offered as a plug-in hybrid. Now the term self-charging hybrid is potentially a little bit misleading because it is not as though it Magics electricity out of The Ether. In fact, any energy that goes into the battery is generally either directly or indirectly from the petrol engine under the Bonnet and because the battery is Tiny, you won’t get more than a few hundred yards of pure electricity anyway. There are big fuel economy benefits though the cheaper 1.8 can

officially do more than 60 MPG and even this more powerful 2-liter promises around 58 MPG in our real-world true MPG test that we do back in the UK Toyota hybrids usually perform extremely well. In fact, this car is a smaller sibling the Toyota Yarus cross is the most efficient car we have even tested.


The biggest change to the new CH-R is here, the interior. So perceived quality has taken a step forward you have gotten lots of nice soft-touch plastic up here on the dashboard and this suede effect fabric on the inside the doors on some of the higher trim levels. The gear selector here also looks pretty much identical to what you find in a Lexus NX and on the whole build quality is as you had expected from Toyota feels robust. Although there are a couple of exceptions so where the door butts up against the dashboard that feels wobbly and the covering on a pill up here that doesn’t feel particularly well secured either. It’s good in most respects with a couple of


Fuel Economy & Driving Experience:

Official fuel economy figures have not been announced yet but as with all plugged hybrids they are likely to be completely impressive.

Toyota has improved both riding comfort and handling on this new and handling on this new model CH-R, which is surely a good thing and when it comes to riding comfort, we would like to say this is one of the best cars in the class. This car dealt very well even with the rougher sections of the road. It’s not too soft but it’s quite well controlled and comfort is something this car does well. Handling less so this car feels but softer than the old CH-R and there is not a huge amount of grip at the front end. This car is more than good enough to drive.

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