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Tata Nexon is a subcompact SUV produced by India’s third-largest automobile manufacturer, Tata Motors. The SUV is superior in terms of design and safety. The all-new Nexon facelift could be available in the Indian market soon. The New Nexon will be completely new in terms of design, interior, safety, and features. On September 14, 2023, the prices of the upcoming Tata Nexon will be recalled. Here is, however, a list of Tata Nexon prices in Raipur, India.

Tata Nexon Price in Raipur

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeMileageEnginePrices
Nexon  XEManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 897000
Nexon  XMManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1008000
Nexon  XM SManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1074000
Nexon  XMAAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1080000
Nexon  XM Plus SManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1118000
Nexon  XMA SAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1156000
Nexon  XMA Plus SAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1201000
Nexon  XZ PlusManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1207000
Nexon  XZ Plus Dark EditionManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1240000
Nexon  XZA PlusAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1279000
Nexon  XZ Plus SManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1290000
Nexon  XZ Plus S DTManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1307000
Nexon  XZA Plus Dark EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1313000
Nexon  XZ Plus S Dark EditionManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1324000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1329000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUX DTManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1346000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUX Dark EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1375000
Nexon  XZA Plus SManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1375000
Nexon  XZA Plus S DTAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1392000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXSManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1397000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS KazirangaManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1397000
Nexon  XZA Plus S Dark EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1409000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS JET EditionManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1412000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS DTManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1414000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1414000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS Dark EditionManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1420000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS Red DarkManualPetrol17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1425000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUX DTAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1431000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUX Dark EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1448000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXSAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1471000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS KazirangaAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1471000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS JET EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1485000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS DTAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1487000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS Dark EditionAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1493000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS Red DarkAutomaticPetrol17.05 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1499000

Tata Nexon price in Raipur Deisel Variants

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeMileageEnginePrices
Nexon XMManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1118000
Nexon XM SManualDiesel17.33 kmpl1199 cc₹ 1218000
Nexon  XM Plus SManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1290000
Nexon XMA SAutomatic  Diesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1290000
Nexon  XMA Plus SAutomatic  Diesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1369000
Nexon  XZ PlusManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1375000
Nexon  XZ Plus Dark EditionManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1409000
Nexon  XZA PlusAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1448000
Nexon  XZ Plus SManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1459000
Nexon  XZ Plus S DTManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1476000
Nexon  XZA Plus Dark EditionAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1482000
Nexon  XZ Plus S Dark EditionManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1493000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1499000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUX DTManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1516000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUX Dark EditionManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1532000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXSManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1555000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS KazirangaManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc ₹ 1555000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS JET EditionManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1570000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS DTManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1572000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1572000
Nexon  XZ Plus LUXS Dark EditionManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1577000
Nexon XZ Plus LUXS Red DarkManualDiesel23.22 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1583000
Nexon XZA Plus LUX DTAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1589000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUX Dark EditionAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1606000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXSAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1628000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS KazirangaAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1628000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS JET EditionAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1643000
XZA Plus LUXS DTAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1645000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS Dark EditionAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1651000
Nexon  XZA Plus LUXS Red DarkAutomaticDiesel24.07 kmpl1497 cc₹ 1656000
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