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The BMW M4 is a high-performance version of coupes that is introduced by BMW Company. BMW 4 series has an enhanced engine, suspension, and exhaust system. The M4 is one of the few high-end corporations with a coupe and convertible with a similar level of performance. The price of the BMW M4 may vary reliant on structures, engine preference, and offered trims. In this article, we’ll talk about the price, specifications, and engine performance of the BMW M4.

Price for BMW m4 in 2023

The prices of the BMW fluctuate and be determined by the trim level. The MSRP price of the BMW M4 base model is about 78,000 dollars while the MSRP price of the BMW M4 Competition is about 82,000 dollars. The MSRP price of the most prevalent BMW M4 Competition xDrive is about 89,000 dollars.

Engine Specifications:

The BMW M4 is exhilarated with a twin turbo-powered 3.0 L inline 6-cylinder engine that is proficient in generating power of 473 hp and 406 pound-feet. It structures a double overhead cam and 24 valves that have flexible scheduling. The BMW has a six-speed manual transmission and a standard rear-wheel drive system. The BMW M4 can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. The M4 competition features an all-wheel-drive system and can reach 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Performance of BMW M4:

  • Adaptive obstructions
  • Modifiable drive temper
  • Flexible brakes-pedal texture
  • Electric-controlled exhaust system

Seats and roof:

The BMW M4 is a four-seater automobile that is adept to provide accommodations for four travelers and has two entrances.  The BMW M4 has a carbon fortitude roof and carbon stoneware brake pedal.

Features of BMW M4:

The features of the BMW M4 include:

  • Its fuel tank capacity is 15.6 gallons.
  • It has a six-speed manual transmission.
  • It comes with a rear-wheel drive system.
  • It is powered by a 3.0 L twin-turbocharged engine.
  • It produces 473 hp power and torque of 406 pound-feet.
  • It is predictable to deliver 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.


  • The length of the BMW M4 is 189.1 inches and the overall width is about 81.9 inches.
  • The curb weight of the BMW M4 is 3830 pounds and has a ground clearance of 4.7 inches.
  • It has rear headroom of about 35.8 inches and rear legroom of 34.7 inches.
  • It comes with standard tires of 19 inches in length and 10.5 inches in width.   

Entertainment System:

The entertainment features of the BMW M4 include:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless Android Auto
  • USB Connectivity
  • Speakers and audio system
  • 14.9 infotainment system

Security System:

The security features of the BMW M4 include:

  • LED headlamps
  • Blind-spot observation
  • Alert driving focus
  • Emergency decelerating help
  • Controlling Stability and Traction


The prices of the BMW M4 trims may fluctuate depending on the position, engine choices, and extra features. It is important to visit the official website of BMW M4 for the most recent and up-to-date information on the charges of BMW M4 trims.


What security features does BMW M4 provide?

The BMW M4 provides high-performance safety features including LED headlamps, blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking system, stability control, and traction control.

How much BMW M4 competition trim cost?

The MSRP price of the BMW M4 Competition is about 82,000 dollars. However, it may change based on the position, extra and modern features, and other specifications.

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