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The BMW i8 is a PHEV that was announced by BMW Corporation. The BMW i8 production was visible in 2013 while it was released in 2014 in Germany. The Roadster variant of BMW was introduced in May 2018. While BMW i8 was launched in 2015 in India and its ex-showroom Delhi price is about 2.62 crore rupees.

Price of BMW i8 in India:

The ex-showroom price of the BMW i8 is about 2.62 crore rupees in India.

Exterior and features:

The BMW i8 has back headlights and a front grille. It has an innovative design that has LED headlights, water radar, temperature shielding glazing, and lock-up wheel screws. It is also stimulated with a spontaneous air conditioning system and electrically bendable driver and traveler seats.

Interior and Performance:

The BMW i8 comes with doors and an athletic compartment that offers a low control panel and roofline. The Brand also provides a large display screen and long ground support. It is fortified with a 1.5 L 1499cc engine that supplies power of 362 hp and torque of 570. It has an automatic transmission and a top speed of 74 mph.

Dimension and seats:

The BMW i8 is a 4-seater vehicle that is capable to accommodate 4 travelers. It has a length of 4689 mm, a height of 1291 mm, and a width of 2218mm. The wheelbase of the BMW i8 is 2850 mm.

Security System:

The security features of the BMW i8 include:

  • Motorist Airbag and brake contribution
  • Engine Immobilizer and smash sensor
  • Chief locking and anti-lock braking system

Infotainment System:

The infotainment features of the BMW i8 include:

  • Head-up display
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Direction-finding System
  • i Drive a touch controller
  • Amplifier System


The BMW i8 price in India may differ based on the specifications, engine option, and extra security system. But it is always the best idea to check the approved BMW i8 Indian website or get in touch with a BMW i8 local dealership to find up-to-date price information.

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