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Aimed at enhancing driving test standards, the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in Kerala has recently implemented a noteworthy change by discontinuing the ‘H’  for obtaining a driving license. The MVD issued a circular outlining the revision in the driving test procedure, signaling a paradigm shift in the licensing examination process.

Kerala New Driving License Test Rule – Details of the Update:

The recent circular from the MVD has brought about a pivotal change in the driving license examination in Kerala. According to the circular, the ‘H’ test, which was a mandatory component of the driving test, has been eliminated. This move is expected to streamline the examination process and bring about a more comprehensive evaluation of driving skills.

Kerala New Driving License Test Rule: Background of the Change:

The decision to revamp the driving license examination process in Kerala comes as part of the MVD’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and driving standards in the state. The move has been met with positive responses from various quarters, with experts and driving enthusiasts expressing optimism about the positive impact on overall driving quality.

Reactions and Feedback:

News of the revised driving license test has generated discussions on various platforms. Motorists and driving enthusiasts have shared their opinions on forums such as Team-BHP, where the changes have been discussed in detail. Many participants have acknowledged the MVD’s initiative as a positive step toward improving the overall quality of driving skills among license holders.

Additional Insights:

The driving license test revision has been covered by leading news outlets in Kerala, including Kerala Kaumudi and Mathrubhumi. These reports emphasize the MVD’s commitment to continually evolving and adapting the driving examination process to align with contemporary road safety standards.


The elimination of the ‘H’ test from the driving license examination in Kerala reflects the MVD’s dedication to improving driving standards and road safety. This proactive step is expected to contribute positively to the overall quality of drivers on the roads. As the state adapts to these changes, it remains crucial for aspiring drivers to stay informed about the revised test procedures for a smoother and more effective licensing process.

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