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As the temperature rises with the approaching summer, so does the risk of car fires. The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department recently shared some important tips on their Facebook page to help drivers avoid this potentially dangerous situation. Let’s explore simple and practical Ways to Prevent Car from Catching Fire during the hot season.

Ways to Prevent Car from Catching Fire

1. Regular Maintenance Checks:

Make it a routine to inspect your vehicle regularly. Look for oil or fuel leaks on the floor where your car is parked, and open the bonnet daily to catch any potential issues early on.

2. Comprehensive Cleaning:

Keep your vehicle not just clean on the outside but also pay attention to the engine compartment. Regular cleaning helps detect leaks and prevents minor issues from turning into serious problems.

3. Gas Line Inspection:

Regularly inspect gas lines for any signs of leaks. If you smell gas, take your vehicle to the service center for immediate repairs.

4. Use Authorized Parts:

Stick to parts specified by the vehicle manufacturer and avoid unnecessary alterations, ensuring your vehicle complies with legal standards.

5. Secure Fuel Hoses and Wires:

Ensure proper clipping and securing of fuel hoses and wires to minimize the risk of fires.

6. Monitor Warning Lamps and Gauges:

Stay vigilant by regularly monitoring panel board warning lamps and gauges. Change coolant and engine oil at recommended intervals.

7. Safety Measures for Larger Vehicles:

Attach iron brackets to the propeller shaft in larger vehicles for added safety.

8. Caution with Fuel Storage:

Avoid buying, storing, and transporting fuel in cans, bottles, etc., to prevent potential fire hazards.

9. Dashboard Hazards:

In extremely hot weather, refrain from placing water bottles, sanitizers, and sprays on the dashboard to prevent them from acting as lenses and causing fires.

10. No Cooking in the Vehicle:

Avoid cooking with a stove inside the vehicle during recreational trips to minimize fire risks.

11. Eliminate Fire Hazards:

Refrain from keeping fuel matches, lighters, and explosives inside the vehicle to minimize potential dangers.

12. Secure Oxygen Cylinders:

Ensure proper fixation of oxygen cylinders in ambulances with brackets and regular checks for defects in regulators.

13. Choose Fire-Resistant Materials:

Opt for vehicle seats made of fire-resistant materials and avoid flammable resin covers and polyester fabric covers that may pose fire risks.

14. Drive Safely:

Practice defensive driving to reduce the risk of collisions that could lead to fires.

15. Have a Fire Extinguisher:

Keep a small fire extinguisher in every vehicle for immediate use in case of emergencies.

16. Mindful Parking:

Avoid parking in areas with dry leaves, plastic, or other flammable materials to minimize fire risks.


By following these simple and practical tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle catching fire during the hot summer months. Stay safe on the roads by incorporating these easy-to-follow guidelines into your routine vehicle care.

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