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Have you ever thought about how to transport your car or any other vehicle from the lively streets of Dubai to the beautiful roads of Pakistan? Well, don’t worry! In this article, we are going to discuss and dive deeply into the basics of sending a car from Dubai to Pakistan and we will guide you step by step and let you know the whole process in detail. So, get ready for exciting detailed information about car shipping from Dubai to Pakistan or across borders. As we  have set a goal to give you detailed information from start to finish, let’s start from the first step and here we go:

How you can send a car from Dubai to Pakistan? Steps listed

Shipping Options:

First of all, you have to research the famous, trusted, and reputable companies that offer transportation services from Dubai to Pakistan.


After you have made contact with a highly respected company, you have to collect all the important and necessary documents such as car registration, ownership proof, and insurance papers.

Customs Regulations:

Do research on the customs and laws of importing any vehicle across borders and then understand the basic import requirements of both Pakistan and Dubai.

Choose a Shipping Method:

There are many methods to import your car from Dubai to Pakistan. You can feel free and liberal to choose any of them. So basically the fourth step of the transportation of your car from Dubai to Pakistan is to select a suitable shipping method. It can be a container shipping or roll-on or roll-on (RoRo) shipping method.

Find a Shipping Agent:

After the selection of the importing method, you are bound to contact any shipping agent who is skilled and specializes in car transportation and can help with the logistics.

Preparing the Car:

After completing the earlier steps, it is very crucial to make sure to give your car a good cleaning, check thoroughly, and take out your personal items and valuables from the vehicle if present.


To recover from the possible damage that may occur to your car during the journey, you can think about getting insurance for your car during the transportation of your car.

Loading and Securing:

It is very crucial to make sure that your car is properly loaded and secured in the shipping container or on the shipping vessel, only when you have completed the previous steps.

Customs Clearance:

Once your car is loaded, make sure to work with the shipping agent to handle the customs clearance procedures in both Pakistan and Dubai.

Delivery in Pakistan:

It is very important to be assured that you are in close contact, behaving properly, and coordinating with the shipping agent who will make managements for the delivery of your car to your desired location in Pakistan.


It is super crucial to talk and stay in contact with the experts and professionals and to follow the particular rules and regulations of both Pakistan and Dubai. It can help your car shipping process to be smooth and tension-free. You can feel relaxed to trust them.

it is very important to consult with professionals and to follow the specific requirements and laws of both countries, Dubai and Pakistan, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free car shipping process.

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