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Harley-Davidson has long been a symbol of open road freedom, but does this iconic motorcycle manufacturer offer automatic transmission bikes for riders who prefer an easier, more relaxed ride? In this article, we’ll look at Harley-Davidson’s stance on automatic motorcycles and whether they’ve entered the market for automatic transmission bikes.

Does Harley Davidson make automatic motorcycles?

Automatic Motorcycles

Before delving into Harley-Davidson’s approach to automatic motorcycles, it’s important to understand the larger context of automatic transmission motorcycles. The motorcycle industry has seen a growing trend toward automatic and semi-automatic transmissions in recent years. Riders looking for a more accessible and convenient riding experience will appreciate these transmissions.

Harley-Davidson’s Traditional Manual Transmission

Harley-Davidson is well-known for producing classic and powerful cruiser motorcycles with manual transmissions. Riders have complete control over gear shifting with these manual transmissions, allowing for a more involved and hands-on riding experience. The Harley-Davidson lineup, which includes the iconic Sportster, Softail, and Touring models, is dominated by motorcycles with manual transmissions.

Introducing the Harley-Davidson LiveWire

While Harley-Davidson does not currently offer fully automatic motorcycles, the company has recently embraced innovation. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the company’s first electric motorcycle, is a significant advancement. While not truly automatic, the LiveWire has a single-speed transmission that eliminates the need for a clutch and gear shifting. Riders can simply twist the throttle and go, receiving continuous and instant power delivery.

Semi-Automatic Transmissions

In addition to the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson introduced the Revolution Max engine platform, which includes models like the Pan America adventure bike and the Sportster S. While these bikes have manual transmissions, they feature an optional “Screamin’ Eagle® Quick Shift” system. This semi-automatic system allows riders to upshift and downshift without using the clutch, offering a more straightforward riding experience without fully embracing automatic transmissions.

The Possibility of Future Developments

Harley-Davidson is continually evolving and adapting to the changing preferences of riders. While they have not yet introduced fully automatic motorcycles, the company’s foray into electric bikes and the implementation of semi-automatic systems indicate a willingness to explore new technologies and rider demands.


Currently, Harley-Davidson primarily manufactures motorcycles with manual transmissions. However, the introduction of the LiveWire and the Revolution Max platform’s semi-automatic capabilities demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and accommodating a broader range of riders. While purists may prefer the manual riding experience, those looking for automatic or semi-automatic options may find Harley-Davidson’s latest offerings appealing. We can expect more developments from this iconic manufacturer as the motorcycle industry evolves, potentially including fully automatic models.

For the time being, Harley-Davidson’s legacy of building powerful and iconic cruisers with manual transmissions is unbroken, but the future may hold exciting and convenient possibilities for riders who prefer automatic motorcycles.

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