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NEW BMW S1000RR: BMW has now turned NEAR its flagship liter case motorcycle that sits in the 200 bhp + category just when the presentation of the G310RR was held. This is where like Kawasaki ZX10R, Aprilia RSV4 1100, Ducati Panigale V4, Yamaha YZF R1, Honda CBR 1000RR-R Fire blade, and Suzuki GSXR-1000 at this time get together.

We accurately know that the latter three motorcycles are not on sale in India at this time. But it would be extremely inappropriate to ignore these supporters’ behinds just because India doesn’t get them. After middle-weight equipment, these litre-class machines are widely held in international markets.  Let’s have a detailed notice of how the newly launched BMW S 1000 charges.


If we talk about its fares the Kawasaki ZX-10R is approximate of 15.99 lacs which absolutely destroys its rivals as it is carried into the country via the CKD route while the rest are importations. Standard Panigale V4 is much more costly in comparison to top-spec BMW S1000RR which is priced at 24.55 lac.

The most shifts among this group go to Italians. Japs and Germans stick within 1000cc while RSV4 displaces 11099cc, and Panigale transfers 1103cc. And the award of outright power goes to the Honda fire blade with 215 bhp and R1 makes the minimum control at 194.3 bhp.

Both Italians make their powerless in the range of 13,000 RPM. The fire blade marks its extra power at 14,500 RPM (revolution per minute). Aprilia was immensely dominated by torque battle. The maximum torque made by it is 125Nm at 10,500 RPM.

All the motorbikes have a 6- speed gearbox, top speed hangs with rapid shifters around the 300km/h mark. Yamaha has the shortest wheelbase at 1405mm helping handling while Ducati Panigale V4 has the lengthiest wheelbase at 1469. Suzuki GSXR-1000 and BMW S1000 are short riders welcoming with relatively low seat altitude. The lightest motorcycle among the bunch is the Kawasaki ZX-10R weighs roughly about 193kg and the maximum is 202 kg of RSV4.


All litre class bikes have the same size of front tyre S1000RR, RSV4, PanigaleV4 and Fire blade offer 200 section rear tyre while all other tyres come with 190 section tyre wrapped to 17 alloy wheels at both exterior and posterior. All the opponents comes with 220mm rear disc while Ducati is one and only proposing a 254mm rear disc.

Makers like Nissin and Brembo are held by flagship apparatus.  The only feature offered by BMW S1000RR that it is bigger 45mm at front from Marzocchi as contrasting to 43mm forks from brands like Ohlins and WP.  The uppermost spec variants furthermore offer electronically adaptable suspensions simultaneously. This is something that BMW misses. All the motorbikes come in packed form with electronic aid to aid presentation.

Aprilia presents the extended track time before restocking with round 18l fuel tank. Kawasaki is locally collected and it offers an exciting proposal of highest presentation in just rupees 15.99 lakh.  And that’s the utmost reason that Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha don’t present their fanatic track bikes in India, it is well known to them only.  

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