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UPCOMING HYUNDAI MICRO SUV.(TATA PUNCH RIVAL): Hyundai is going to present its new subcompact SUV in India, which is going to a very tough competition to Tata Punch. But it’s not like Korean spec Casper crossover in fact it’s a new model all in all. Internally designated Ai3, this micro UV is expected to be launched in 2023. Tarun Garg who is director of sales and marketing Hyundai motor India confirmed its completion who is also in collaboration with PTI.@acgoon a YouTube channel shared spy shorts of this exciting micro SUV which is very different from the Hyundai Caspar which has already launched in select markets.

With its presentation of Punch it has smashed a major winning. In every single month   Tata punch sells almost 12k units at average without any kind of competitiveness. Hyundai wants to take on spectacular popularity of Tata punch. Codenamed (a word used for privacy), or ease instead of using real name) Ai3 the upcoming Hyundai micro SUV will sit below venue in the Korean automaker’s SUV lineup.  Hyundai micro SUV which is expected to promote in India in 2023 its test mule was also spotted in South Korea and India will start its testing in a little while.

Upcoming 2023 Hyundai micro SUV

Upcoming 2023 Hyundai micro SUV (SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE) possibly encouraged by a K1 platform which underpinned the now discontinued Santro. It was wonderfully doing sales approximately of 2,500 units to 3,000 units in just a single month. But then it was disturbed because Hyundai scheduled to change it with upcoming micro SUV. We can clearly see from the secret reports that India-spec Hyundai micro SUV has projector headlamps, LED DRLs in the forward appearance. The innovative SUV is rectangular while at the same time Casper has a round headlamp element. Original tail lights are also poles apart. Casper’s passenger door knob is on the same pillar while comparatively Rear passenger’s door handle is located along the shoulder line.


Casper is naturally powered by two engine choices in South Korea. First one is 1.0 liter articulated unit and then extra potential 1.0 liter turbo petrol unit. The old Hyundai micro SUV pushes out 75 bhp and 95 Nm of ultimate torque while on the other hand the second one buzzes out 99 bhp and 172 Nm of peak rotation. The Hyundai micro SUV in India is possibly to be motorized by the similar engine which is already seen on grand i10. This is a 1.2 liter petrol, 4cyl unit providing 81 bhp and 114 Nm. Broadcast options could include guide book and AMT and it can also be presented with petrol and CNG option as well.


Hyundai approximately sold 1.25 lakh pieces of Creta SUV, plus during that time venue too recorded a sales of 1 lac units in previous year. The company restored its SUV lineup with new presentations in this year as well. This includes face lifted location in addition to new gen Tucson. In 2023 Hyundai is another time expecting to modernize their SUV with the launch of creta CNG, venue CNG, facelift creta etc.  


If we talk about its structures, Hyundai looks very decent with a number of creature eases onboard with Casper. Safety is handled by seven airbags and driver assistance system. It also include taillights , LED headlamps , an 8 inch infotainment touch screen unit, an electric sunroof and also three drive modes which allows the driver to adjust performance setting like engine response, irritating sound and suspension dulling. Moreover it is accessible in 6 extremely heart touching external colors and has 3 different interior themes. Some of its features will be approved over from Caspar. Its single panel sunroof is going to be a huge booster in contradiction of Tata punch.          

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