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As electric cars gain momentum in the Indian automotive market, enthusiasts and skeptics alike are exploring the benefits of transitioning from traditional internal combustion engines to eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs). However, some users have expressed concerns about achieving the promised range from their electric cars. The key, it seems, lies in the driver’s approach.

Boost Your Electric Car’s Range With Following Tips

Regenerative Braking

One of the critical elements influencing an electric car’s range is the regenerative braking system. Many electric vehicles come equipped with a multi-level regenerative braking system that harnesses energy during braking to charge the battery. Surprisingly, some EV owners opt to turn off this feature, inadvertently compromising their vehicle’s range. Experts recommend leaving regenerative braking on to optimize both range and efficiency.

Throttle Inputs

Much like their traditional counterparts, electric vehicles respond favorably to gentle throttle inputs. The method of applying throttle should be considered as part of one’s driving style. Adopting a smoother driving approach can significantly enhance the range of an electric vehicle, proving that a gentle touch is not only fuel-efficient but also energy-efficient.

City vs. Highway Driving

Electric cars exhibit distinct efficiency patterns based on the driving environment. Unlike petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs tend to perform better in city traffic than on highways. The gentle pace of urban driving allows for increased range, as factors like wind resistance and lack of regenerative braking become less pronounced. Drivers are advised to avoid high speeds on highways to maximize the electric vehicle’s range.

Trim the Excess

Electric vehicles carry additional weight due to their sizable battery packs. Loading up on unnecessary accessories such as bicycle racks, roof racks, and roof boxes can adversely affect both aerodynamics and performance. This added weight and air resistance can significantly diminish the overall range of the EV. Streamlining your electric car by avoiding unnecessary accessories ensures a more efficient and extended driving experience.

Tire Matters

Selecting low-rolling resistance tires for your electric vehicle can make a notable difference. These tires enhance efficiency and contribute to achieving the maximum range. Regularly checking and maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial, as underinflated tires can adversely affect an EV’s overall range.

In conclusion, achieving the promised range of electric cars in India boils down to mindful driving practices and strategic choices. As the electric vehicle revolution gains traction, adhering to these tips promises a more rewarding and efficient experience on the road.

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