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Electric garbage trucks are becoming more and more popular as a sustainable waste collection option, providing operational and environmental advantages to both waste management firms and groups. A battery-powered electric vehicle intended to deliver cargo, handle large payloads, and improve driver performance is called an electric truck, or e-truck. Among electric cars, a hybrid electric vehicle is propelled by both an electric motor and a traditional internal combustion engine. Electric trucks emit no exhaust emissions when compared to trucks that run on gasoline or diesel. Compared to conventional vehicles, electric trucks are also more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

The List of Best Electric Garbage Truck Manufacturers:

Volvo Group:

One of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers serving consumers in nearly 190 markets is Volvo Group. Volvo’s infrastructure includes cars, bus equipment, and financing services. This company also provides a range of dependable and flexible trucks with various advantages. The Volvo trucks come with both gas-powered and electric-powered engines. The Volvo electric truck includes FH Electric, FM Electric, FMX Electric, FE Electric, FL Electric, and VNR Electric. 


Sany, a global machinery industrialized company is manufacturing bases internationally. In 2022, Sany sold over 5,000 durable electric trucks and Sany intends to trade over 80,000 annual elements in China by 2025. A wide sort of smart trucks comprising electric light trucks, diesel trucks, electric trucks, battery swapping trucks, hybrid trucks, and hydrogen trucks are produced by Sany.


One of the largest private enterprises in China that was founded in 1995 is BYD. This industry leads towards electronic, automotive, renewable energy, and rail transportation. The company has more than 30 industrial parks across six continents and offers European consumers BYD new energy vehicles, solar panels, electric batteries, and various energy products. This company also provides new energy vehicles, eVans, eTrucks, etc. 


Another noteworthy automotive and clean energy company that was founded in 2003 in the United States is Tesla Motors. This industry manufactures batteries, solar panels, solar roof tiles, electric trucks, and other electric vehicles. While a renowned electric truck the Tesla Semi, comes with excellent power and low cost of ownership. This vehicle comes with advanced safety features including, a traction system, motor and brake control, and stability.  

Daimler Truck AG: 

Another largest commercial vehicle manufacturer is Daimler AG. This company produces intercity buses, coaches, bus chassis, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, etc. Renowned brands of Daimler trucks include FUSO, RIZON, Western Star, Freightliner, and Mercedes-Benz. All-electric trucks of the RIZON brand are ideal for flatbed trucks, waste sites, vans, and refrigerated trucks. 

Battle Motors:

Battle Motor is one of the renowned American industries that is popular for manufacturing emission-free trucks. The garbage trucks of Battle Motors are famous for their durability, reliability, and innovative features. The innovative features of Battle Motors’ trucks make them a resilient competitor for fleets that are in search of a reliable electric solution.

Future of Electric Garbage Trucks: 

electric garbage truck
Electric garbage truck

The industry of electric garbage trucks is continuously fluctuating. With the advancement of technology and highly charging infrastructure, different new manufacturers with range of competencies are also unveiled. These trucks have advantages and disadvantages side by side. However, the benefits of these trucks include zero-emission pollution, reduced noise contamination, and contribute healthy environment that leads to a better future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest garbage truck manufacturers?

Heil is the market leader for garbage truck body design and specialized refuse body manufacture.

How much does the electric garbage truck cost?

The electric truck costs $675,000, whereas a diesel-powered rubbish collection truck of the same size costs $350,000. Large electric trucks necessitate larger and more expensive specialist batteries, which contribute to their high cost.

What is the richest truck manufacturer in the world?

Daimler Trucks is one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, with over 40 production locations across the world and over 100,000 people. Its revenue is expected to be $60.61 billion in 2023.

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