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Honda is revolutionizing the Japanese EV market with the introduction of the N-Van e:, a cute, tiny electric van designed to meet the diverse needs of city dwellers and small businesses. This compact van, which first made its appearance in December 2022, is set to become a staple on Japanese roads, thanks to its versatility, efficiency, and charming design.

Honda’s Tiny Electric Van Design and Configurations:

The Honda N-Van e: retains the tall, narrow, and boxy design of its gasoline-powered predecessor released in 2018. Despite its compact size, the van is remarkably spacious and practical. The N-Van e: comes in four distinct trim levels: e: L4, e: FUN, e: G, and e: L2. Each trim is tailored to specific user needs, from commercial purposes to leisure activities.

e: L4: Designed for both commercial and leisure users, this trim features four seats and offers a versatile interior.

e: FUN: Also with four seats, the e: FUN is aimed at leisure users and boasts a more refined interior with heritage-laced round LED inserts in the headlights and several unique color options.

e: G: This single-seater variant has a reshaped dashboard to accommodate longer items, making it ideal for transporting goods.

e: L2: Featuring two seats in a tandem configuration, this trim balances between passenger and cargo needs.

Honda’s Tiny Electric Van Power and Performance:

Honda has equipped the N-Van e: with a single electric motor driving the front wheels. While full specifications are yet to be disclosed, the van’s battery pack provides a range of up to 152 miles on a single charge. This range is more than adequate for a kei van, which typically navigates the crowded streets of Japanese cities.


The pricing for the N-Van e: ranges from ¥2,439,800 for the single-seater e: G to ¥2,919,400 for the e: FUN, translating to approximately $15,600 and $18,600, respectively. For comparison, the gasoline-powered N-Van starts at ¥1,365,100 (around $8,700). This makes the electric variant a compelling option for those looking to switch to an EV while maintaining a budget.

Target Market:

Honda aims to boost its EV sales by tapping into the popular kei van segment, which is known for its practicality and efficiency. The N-Van e: is ideal for small businesses, delivery services, and urban commuters who require a reliable and economical vehicle for daily use.

Honda's Tiny Electric Van Interior
Honda’s Tiny Electric Van Interior

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Honda N-Van e:?

The Honda N-Van e: features a tall, narrow, and boxy design, available in four trim levels tailored for different uses. It offers a range of up to 152 miles on a single charge and includes versatile configurations for both cargo and passengers.

How much does the Honda N-Van e: cost?

The pricing ranges from ¥2,439,800 (approximately $15,600) for the single-seater e: G trim to ¥2,919,400 (around $18,600) for the e: FUN trim. The gasoline-powered version starts at ¥1,365,100 (around $8,700).

What is the driving range of the Honda N-Van e:?

The Honda N-Van e: has a driving range of up to 152 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for city driving and daily commutes.

What are the different trim levels available for the Honda N-Van e:?

The N-Van e: is available in four trim levels: e: L4 (four seats), e: FUN (four seats with a nicer interior), e: G (single-seater with a reshaped dashboard), and e: L2 (two seats in a tandem configuration).


The Honda N-Van e: is set to become a game-changer in the Japanese market, offering a blend of fun, functionality, and efficiency in a compact package. With its versatile configurations, impressive range, and affordable pricing, this tiny electric van is poised to meet the needs of a wide range of users, from small businesses to urban commuters. As Honda continues to innovate in the EV space, the N-Van e: stands out as a testament to the brand’s commitment to practical and enjoyable electric mobility

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