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Incidents of moving cars catching fire are now frequent. Cars catch fire for many reasons. Since a car is a machine with mechanical and electrical components, there can be many reasons for it to catch fire. With so many components rubbing together, fluids like petrol or diesel, batteries, and electric wiring, it only takes a short time for a car to catch fire and spread.

If the car crashes somewhere, the risk of catching fire is very high. Cricketer Rishabh Pant’s car caught fire as part of such an accident. Leaking petrol or diesel increases the risk of fire. A burst tire can also catch fire. Faulty electrical circuits are another major cause of vehicle fire.

Why does a car catch fire and what to do if it happens?

stop the vehicle

Many people have doubts about what to do if a running car catches fire. At that point, the mistakes we make out of fear can cost us our lives. Therefore, if your vehicle catches fire while it is running, the first thing to do is to stop the vehicle without fear. Care should also be taken not to park the vehicle near a petrol pump or other places where there is a risk of fire.

Turn off the ignition

Turn off the ignition immediately after bringing the vehicle to a stop. Get in the car without delay. You must also help other passengers to get out safely. Make sure you have unlocked all doors and windows before turning off the ignition.

Get out of the car

Get out of the car as soon as you get out of it. There is a possibility that the car may explode because there are flammable liquids such as petrol or diesel in the car. It is also important to inform oncoming vehicles and others that the vehicle is on fire. The next step is to put out the fire.

Make sure it is safe

Make sure it is safe before trying to put out the fire. Approaching an exploding car to put out a fire can cause great danger. When the car is on fire, be careful not to open the bonnet/boot in an attempt to put out the fire. A fire in the engine bay or under the car can ignite and cause burns when the bonnet is opened.

Inform the fire department

Inform the fire department and traffic police while trying to extinguish the vehicle fire. If the fire is spreading quickly, your efforts to put it out will be futile. The fire brigade should be called to the scene as soon as possible.

Even if the fire is small, you should never try to start the vehicle after it is extinguished. Contact the service center and transfer the vehicle from there. The damage caused by the fire and the damage to the car can be accurately understood and the insurance company can be contacted.

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