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Who owns Morris Garages?

The British automaker Morris Garages, also known as MG, has a lengthy and intriguing history. The ownership of the brand has changed hands several times over the years, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the various owners of MG to understand who owns the brand today.

William Morris, who later became Lord Nuffield, established MG in 1924. Morris was a successful businessman who founded the Morris Motor Company, which later became part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

After Lord Nuffield died in 1963, BMC merged with the Leyland Motor Corporation to form the British Leyland Motor Corporation.


Although MG continued to produce under the new business, sales started to fall off in the 1970s of poor quality control and a lack of investment in new models. In 1980, the British government sold British Leyland to the state-owned car company Austin Rover Group.

After that, the British Aerospace subsidiary Rover Group received the MG brand. BMW bought the Rover Group in 1994, and the company produced MG vehicles until 2000 when it sold the name to the Phoenix Consortium.

The Phoenix Consortium was a group of British businessmen who bought Rover Group for a nominal sum of £10 and then sold off various parts of the company, including MG. In 2005, MG Rover, the company formed from the remnants of Rover Group, went into administration, and the MG brand was again up for sale.

Is Morris Garages owned by China?

In 2007, the Chinese automaker Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) purchased the MG brand and assets for $126 million. The largest automaker in China at the time, SAIC Motor Corporation, which NAC later merged with, still has the MG brand today.

Under SAIC’s ownership, MG has undergone a significant transformation, with a focus on electric vehicles and a renewed emphasis on quality and design. The brand has also expanded into new markets, including Europe and Australia, and has plans to enter the US market shortly.


In conclusion, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) Motor Corporation Limited, a Chinese state-owned automaker, currently owns Morris Garages. Under SAIC’s ownership, the MG brand has experienced a revival and has become a popular choice among UK consumers looking for affordable and stylish vehicles. SAIC has also announced plans to expand the MG brand into new markets in the coming years.

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