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When was Pajero launched in India?

The Mitsubishi Pajero, an iconic SUV renowned for its ruggedness, capability, and luxurious appeal, made its grand entry into the Indian automotive market in 1999. This introduction marked a significant milestone in India’s SUV landscape, offering enthusiasts a taste of adventure, comfort, and off-road prowess wrapped in one formidable vehicle.


In the late 1990s, India witnessed a burgeoning interest in SUVs. With the market evolving and consumers seeking vehicles that could handle urban roads and rough terrains, Mitsubishi Motors decided to introduce its flagship SUV, the Pajero, into the Indian market.

In 1999, the Mitsubishi Pajero made its debut. It rapidly became a favorite among adventure seekers and people looking for a powerful but elegant SUV. Anticipation awaited its arrival, and it did not let us down. With its strong chassis, strong engine choices, and sophisticated four-wheel-drive system, the Pajero established itself as a competitive alternative for off-road adventures and comfortable on-road travel.

At the core of its allure was the robust engine lineup. The Pajero in India offered potent powertrains that blended performance and reliability. The SUV featured refined diesel engines, delivering ample torque for off-road maneuvers and smooth acceleration for city driving. This engine prowess became a hallmark of the Pajero’s reputation, earning it praise for its dependable performance across diverse terrains.

The Appeal of Mitsubishi Pajero in India

Mitsubishi insured the Pajero was more than simply a vehicle with lots of power; it was a haven of luxury and coziness. The interior was crafted with premium materials, offering a spacious cabin with modern amenities. From plush seating to advanced infotainment systems and driver-assist features, the Pajero provided a sophisticated driving experience that appealed to families and adventure seekers alike.

One of the Pajero’s standout features was its off-road capability. Fitted with cutting-edge four-wheel-drive systems, rugged suspension, and off-road driving modes, the SUV conquered challenging terrains effortlessly. Its prowess in navigating rough landscapes, traversing through rocky trails, and handling adverse weather conditions contributed significantly to its popularity among off-road enthusiasts and adventurers in India.

In the years following its launch, Mitsubishi periodically updated the Pajero to keep it relevant in a rapidly evolving market. These updates included enhancements in technology, safety features, and design elements aimed at maintaining the SUV’s competitiveness. The brand’s commitment to refining and improving the Pajero showcased its dedication to meeting the evolving demands of Indian consumers.

Mitsubishi Pajero’s Global Discontinuation and Exit from India

Despite its strong performance and loyal fanbase, Mitsubishi faced challenges in the Indian market through the years. Evolving consumer preferences, increasing competition, and the emergence of newer SUV models with more modern designs and features led to a gradual decline in Pajero’s sales.

Eventually, Mitsubishi made the difficult decision to discontinue the Pajero globally, which included its availability in India. The SUV bid farewell, leaving behind a legacy of reliability, adventure, and a memorable chapter in India’s SUV history.

The Pajero’s departure left a void in Mitsubishi’s lineup in India. However, the brand continued to focus on other models to cater to diverse market segments, aiming to deliver innovative and competitive vehicles that resonated with Indian consumers’ preferences.

In retrospect, the Mitsubishi Pajero’s journey in India was a testament to its enduring legacy as a robust and luxurious SUV. Its arrival in 1999 marked a significant moment in India’s automotive landscape, introducing a vehicle that encapsulated power, comfort, and off-road capabilities, leaving an indelible mark in the memories of enthusiasts and adventurers across the country.

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