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Volkswagen has issued a recall for more than 260,000 vehicles from the model years 2015 through 2020 due to a fuel tank suction jet pump problem that could lead to fuel leakage, posing a potential fire risk. The affected models include various versions of the Golf, Golf GTI, SportWagen, Jetta GLI, and Audi A3.

The German automaker revealed that a defective suction jet pump, manufactured by Gentherm as part of the fuel tank assembly, is at the center of the issue. The pump is responsible for purging fuel from the emissions system, and a faulty seal could result in fuel accumulation and eventual leakage through the charcoal filter.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Volkswagen has not received any reports of fires related to this problem. However, as a precautionary measure, the company is recalling the affected vehicles to replace the defective suction pump.

Volkswagen Recalls Popular Cars Over Fuel Pump Issue

Owners of the impacted cars may experience issues during refueling, such as fuel spillback or a nozzle that stops prematurely. Additionally, passengers might notice a fuel odor inside the vehicle.

The recall covers the following models and quantities:

  • 2015–2020 Golf GTI: 114,485 vehicles
    • 2015–2020 Golf: 58,544 vehicles
    • 2015–2019 Golf SportWagen: 26,037 vehicles
    • 2019–2020 Jetta GLI: 10,925 vehicles
    • 2015–2020 Audi A3 sedan: 47,391 vehicles
    • 2015–2020 Audi A3 cabriolet: 3,875 vehicles

Volkswagen will begin sending recall letters to affected owners on April 12. To check if their vehicle is part of the recall, owners can visit the NHTSA recalls site.

It is essential for affected owners to respond promptly to the recall and have the defective suction pump replaced to ensure the safety of their vehicles and prevent potential fuel-related issues. Volkswagen encourages owners to contact their local dealerships for more information and to schedule the necessary repairs.

This recall underscores the automotive industry’s commitment to prioritizing customer safety and addressing potential defects promptly. Car owners are urged to stay informed about recalls affecting their vehicles and take appropriate actions to address any identified issues.

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