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In recent days, a viral claim has been making rounds on social media platforms, asserting that Vande Bharat Buses are now hitting the roads. The accompanying image depicts a bus designed in the likeness of the iconic Vande Bharat train. The claim suggests the bus hails from Khagaria, Bihar, or Prayagraj, UP, adding to the intrigue surrounding this purported new addition to public transportation.

A Twitter user named Nikhil Bajpai shared the image, stating, “After the train, Vande Bharat Bus is introduced.” However, a closer examination reveals that the image in question is actually a cropped front view of the Vande Bharat Train. This fact-check has been conducted by

Vande Bharat Bus

The misinformation stems from the misleading representation of the Vande Bharat Train’s front as a standalone bus. The image has caused confusion among netizens, with some mistakenly attributing the bus to Khagaria, Bihar, while others believe it originates from Prayagraj, UP.

It’s crucial to clarify that there is no official introduction of a Vande Bharat Bus, and the circulating image merely presents a distorted perspective of the renowned Vande Bharat Train. The misinformation was debunked by the fact-checking organization

In a world where information can quickly spread through social media, it is imperative to verify claims before sharing them. This incident serves as a reminder to exercise caution and rely on credible sources to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information.

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