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In a spectacular global debut event held in front of the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, TVS Motor Company has unleashed its latest innovation – the TVS X electric scooter. This remarkable creation, born from the futuristic Creon Electric concept, marks a new era in the realm of electric mobility. Boasting an impressive riding range, lightning-fast acceleration, and cutting-edge technologies, the TVS X is set to redefine the landscape of electric scooters. In this article, we delve into the thrilling features and specifications of this groundbreaking electric marvel.

TVS X Electric Scooter Launched in India – Key Details

Futuristic Design and Architecture

The TVS X electric scooter stands tall on the new Xleton architecture, serving as a testament to TVS Motor Company’s commitment to innovation. With a design language that embraces the future, the scooter combines razor-sharp body panels, a vertically positioned LED headlamp, and twin square-shaped LED lights for an unmistakable presence on the road. The sporty body graphics, chunky front fender, and alloy wheels finished in black elevate its visual appeal. The generously wide handlebar and sharp rearview mirrors exude confidence, making a statement at every turn.

Performance and Acceleration

Underneath its futuristic exterior, the TVS X houses a powerful 7 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor that catapults it from zero to 40 kmph in an astonishing 2.6 seconds. This rapid acceleration isn’t just about speed; it’s a testament to TVS’s dedication to delivering an exhilarating riding experience. With a top speed of 105 kmph, the TVS X effortlessly combines performance with sustainability.

Range, Battery, and Charging

Equipped with a 3.8 kWh battery pack, the TVS X electric scooter offers a claimed riding range of 140 km on a single charge, shattering the barriers of electric mobility. Thanks to its advanced thermal management system, which ingeniously combines air with phase change material, the TVS X achieves unprecedented efficiency. Charging is a breeze too – reaching 50% charge in just 30 minutes through fast charging, and 80% in three hours and 40 minutes via a home charger. The selective regeneration braking system further enhances range and efficiency, harnessing energy to push boundaries.

Connectivity and Features

In the age of connectivity, the TVS X doesn’t disappoint. The horizontally positioned TFT instrument console, measuring an impressive 10.25 inches, serves as the hub of information. From remaining charge to ride modes and connectivity options, this interface provides a seamless connection between rider and machine. Moreover, the screen is tiltable for added convenience, enabling riders to customize their viewing angle. Video streaming, turn-by-turn navigation, and a plethora of connected features make every ride not just efficient, but also entertaining and engaging.

Innovative Features

Safety takes center stage with the TVS X’s revolutionary features. The next-generation single-channel anti-lock braking system, smart hill hold function, and intelligent cruise control work in harmony to ensure a secure and controlled ride. The scooter’s exceptional stiffness – 2.5 times more vertical, torsional, and lateral stiffness compared to typical scooters – sets new safety benchmarks, ensuring riders’ peace of mind on every journey.


As the curtains rise on the TVS X electric scooter, a new chapter in electric mobility begins. With its groundbreaking design, awe-inspiring performance, and a range that defies convention, the TVS X is set to captivate the hearts of riders around the world. Positioned above the iQube in TVS’s EV lineup, the TVS X is ready to take on the competition, challenging the norms of what an electric scooter can achieve. With deliveries slated to commence in November 2023, the electric revolution is knocking at our doors. The TVS X is not just a scooter; it’s a glimpse into the electrifying future we’ve all been waiting for.

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