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Home » Tragedy Strikes on Tumakuru Road-Realtor’s Life Cut Short in Devastating Car Fire

In a heart-wrenching incident on the bustling Tumakuru Road in northern Bengaluru, the life of Anil Kumar, a 48-year-old real-estate businessman, was tragically cut short when his vehicle became engulfed in flames. The incident occurred near the Anchepalya toll plaza around 3:30 pm on a fateful Tuesday afternoon as Kumar was heading home to Shettihalli near Jalahalli.

The vehicle involved in the incident was identified as a Maruti XL6 with the registration number KA 04 NB 5879. According to registration data, the Maruti XL6, a Smart Hybrid Zeta variant, was purchased in January 2023.

Despite Kumar’s frantic attempts to escape the rapidly spreading inferno, he found himself tragically trapped inside, succumbing to fatal burns before emergency services could reach him. The incident has left the community in shock, prompting authorities to launch a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the car fire.

Forensic experts swiftly collected samples from the site of the incident, contributing to the ongoing investigation. The Madanayakanahalli police station has filed a case, initiating necessary proceedings to uncover the details leading to this unfortunate event.

As the community mourns the loss of a respected entrepreneur, questions linger about the cause of the sudden and devastating car fire. The investigation aims to provide answers and bring clarity to the grieving family and the community at large.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the unpredictability of life and the need for ongoing efforts to ensure road safety. As the authorities delve into the details, the community remains united in expressing condolences for the untimely passing of Anil Kumar. Reference

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