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2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX Recalled Over Potential Airbag Deployment Issue

Toyota has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 145,000 units of its 2024 Grand Highlander and 2024 Lexus TX mid-size SUVs. The recall addresses a critical safety issue where the curtain shield airbags might not deploy properly during a crash. This defect, discovered during routine safety checks, has prompted Toyota to take immediate action to ensure the safety of its customers.

2024 Grand Highlander and Lexus TX Details of the Airbag Issue

The problem lies specifically with the curtain shield airbags on the driver’s side. Toyota revealed that the deployment issue could occur if the driver’s window is rolled down at the time of an accident. This malfunction could significantly increase the risk of injury to the driver, as the airbag may fail to provide the necessary protection.

Impact and Scope of the Recall

The recall affects the only model year currently available for these SUVs—2024. The Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX are relatively new entries in the mid-size SUV segment, and this recall highlights Toyota’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards. The company is already working on a solution to fix the airbag deployment issue and plans to notify affected owners by mid-August.

Steps Taken by Toyota

Toyota has issued an official press release stating its proactive approach to resolve this issue. The company emphasizes its dedication to customer safety and has begun developing a corrective measure for the faulty airbag system. Owners of the affected vehicles can expect detailed communication from Toyota, providing instructions on how to proceed and what steps will be taken to rectify the problem.

Customer Notification and Next Steps

Owners of the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and 2024 Lexus TX will be contacted directly by Toyota. The notification process is expected to be completed by mid-August, ensuring all affected customers are aware of the recall and the necessary steps to have their vehicles inspected and repaired. Toyota dealerships will handle the repairs once the fix has been finalized and approved.

Toyota’s Commitment to Safety

This recall underscores Toyota’s unwavering commitment to vehicle safety and customer satisfaction. The company’s prompt action and transparency in addressing the airbag issue reflect its core values. Toyota encourages all affected vehicle owners to stay informed through official channels and to schedule inspections as soon as they receive notification.


While recalls can be concerning, Toyota’s swift response and proactive measures provide reassurance to owners of the Grand Highlander and Lexus TX. The company’s dedication to resolving the airbag issue and ensuring the safety of its customers remains paramount. As more details become available, affected owners are urged to remain vigilant and follow Toyota’s guidance for a timely resolution.

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