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If you talk about a world where sustainable transportation is becoming progressively essential. It is a must to talk about the Toyota Mirai because it shines as a beacon of evolution and eco-consciousness. Let us assume any vehicle that releases nothing, but water vapor still offers a thrilling and exciting driving experience. The Toyota Mirai exactly offers this.

It offers all these features in one. It seems like stepping into the future of mobility with the Toyota Mirai, a revolutionary fuel cell vehicle that has all features like sustainability, performance, and style. As the demand for cleaner energy resources is growing rapidly, the Toyota Mirai is the one that stands out as a game changer, using hydrogen fuel cells to power its electric motor. Now if you want to learn more about the Toyota Mirai, then stay tuned and let us go ahead into the key details of the Toyota Mirai.

The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that comes with a clean and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars. In this, hydrogen gas is used to generate electricity which produces only water vapor as a byproduct.

Fuel Cell Technology:

The fuel cell stack is the heart of the Toyota Mirai which binds hydrogen from the onboard tank with the oxygen from the air to generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction. This electricity then provides a smooth and quiet driving experience and powers the electric motor of the vehicle.

Performance and Range:

This is a car that gives an impressive performance with its electric motor which delivers instant torque and receptive acceleration. It offers a range of around 400 miles which means almost 640 kilometers (about 397.68 mi) with a full tank of hydrogen which makes it suitable for both daily commuting and long tours.

Safety Features:

The very priority of Toyota is the safety of its users. And when we talk about the Toyota Mirai, it is no different as it is also equipped with several safety features. These features may include advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist automatic emergency braking, and many others. These are the features that play a motor role in enhancing the overall safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

Environmental Benefits:

Similar to other fuel cell vehicles, the Mirai also has zero tailpipe emissions which helps in reducing the impact of it on the environment. From renewable sources, hydrogen can be produced which makes the Mirai a more sustainable and feasible transportation option.

Infrastructure and Availability:

The most important thing to note is that the availability of hydrogen may change depending on the region. Before taking into consideration the Mirai, it is particularly important to make sure that there are hydrogen fueling stations accessible to you for your convenience and easy refueling.


The exterior dimensions of the Toyota Mirai are 1885 mm (about 6.18 ft) in width, 4975 mm (about 16.32 ft) in length, and 1471 mm (about 4.83 ft) in height. It comes with a wheelbase of 291

Fuel Capacity:

The Toyota Mirai comes with a fuel capacity of approximately 37.5 gallons which is almost 142 liters (about 37.51 gal).

Launching price and date:

The launching price of the Toyota Mirai is 60.00 lakh Indian rupees, and the launching date of the Toyota Mirai is not disclosed yet.

Final Thoughts:

This is considered as a step towards a bright future with its innovative fuel cell technology. It comes with a smooth and eco-friendly driving experience and is also equipped with advanced safety features. Although, it is very crucial to consider the framework and architecture in your area due to the limited availability of hydrogen fueling stations, before making any decision.

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