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In a surprising development, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has decided to temporarily suspend the dispatch of its popular models – Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux – to dealerships in India. The decision comes in the wake of the discovery of irregularities in the certification testing of diesel engines, raising concerns about horsepower output consistency.

The Certification Conundrum:

The irregularities specifically pertain to the ‘smoothing’ of power and torque curves in the diesel engines used in these models. Every vehicle manufacturer is required to undergo stringent testing and certification processes before launching a new model to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

The Impact and Response:

Sales Impacted: Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux collectively contribute to almost one-third of Toyota India’s sales.

Temporary Suspension: Dispatches to dealerships have been temporarily halted, although Toyota will continue production and accept orders for these models.

The Investigation and Findings:

A special investigation committee was commissioned to look into the irregularities, with the following key findings:

Certification Irregularities: Irregularities were found in the horsepower output certification testing for three diesel engines used in the affected models. These engines are procured from Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO).

Global Impact: The affected engines are used globally, with up to ten vehicles, including six in Japan, utilizing them.

Toyota’s Assurance and Next Steps:

No Impact on Safety: Toyota emphasized that the irregularities did not compromise safety or emissions standards. The certification issues did not involve over-claiming or exaggerating horsepower, torque, or other powertrain values.

Bookings and Orders Continue: Despite the suspension of dispatches, bookings and orders for the affected vehicles are still being accepted.

Transparent Communication: Customers who have already received dispatched vehicles will be informed transparently about the ongoing certification issue. Registration and delivery for these vehicles will proceed based on customer preferences.

Apology and Commitment:

Toyota expressed deep regret for any inconvenience caused to customers and stakeholders due to this irregularity. The company is actively collaborating with relevant authorities to verify the certification data for the affected vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Statement:

The parent company, Toyota Motor Corporation, acknowledged the need for a strategic restructuring and a significant reform of corporate culture in light of repeated certification irregularities. While the episode may prompt changes in the diesel engine business, Toyota committed to supporting the revitalization of TICO’s engine business.

In conclusion, the temporary suspension of dispatches reflects Toyota’s commitment to stringent quality standards. The company assures customers that there is no need to stop using the affected engines or vehicles, emphasizing a dedication to rectifying the situation and maintaining transparency throughout the process. As Toyota navigates this challenge, the incident underscores the importance of robust certification processes in the automotive industry.


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