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Scooters remain an integral section of the Indian automotive industry since they offer practicality at a relatively low initial cost and maintenance, and the scooter segment has stayed strong despite the mixed-bag trends seen in the automotive market.

The top selling Scooters of 2023

 Activa Honda:

Suzuki sold 51,678 units of Access in July, recording a 25% YoY increase in volume, and in July 2022, the Japanese brand dispatched 41,440 units of Access across the country.

Honda Activa continues to reign in the scooter segment in India despite witnessing a dramatic fall in sales from July last year. marking a 37% YoY decline from the previous year, and Activa is selling in 110cc as 125cc iterations.

TVS Ntorq:

TVS Ntorq secured the fourth notice added to 25,839 units sold in July this year, and the sporty scooter registered a monthly volume of 24,367 units in July last year, a 6% YoY increase.

Honda Dio:

Honda Dio recorded the sharpest YoY decline at 43.65% but still controlled to sell a healthy 20,414 units sold in July 2023, and it recorded an impressive MoM growth of 122%.

Ola S1:

Despite several issues with the scooter, Ola S1 has managed to outsell all electric scooters in India and registered a volume of 19,263 units in July 2023, and the company has adopted a unique B2C model where the scooter is delivered to a customer directly by the company.S1 also registered the highest YoY growth among the top 10 scooters at a massive 398%.

Suzuki Burgman:

Suzuki managed to sell 17,500 units of Burgman in July 2023, thus registering a healthy 81.50% YoY growth, and MoM growth also stood at a decent 43.67%.

Yamaha RayZR:

Yamaha sold 15,828 units of RayZR.These witnessing a significant YoY growth of 96.79 percent.RayZR managed to outsell its sibling– Fascino, which was previously the company’s best seller.

TVS Jupiter:

The next best seller was the TVS vehicle are monthly volume of 66,439 units in July, and Jupiter is also available in 110cc and 125cc iterations.

TVS iQube:

TVS iQube became the second battery-powered scooter to make it to the list with a total monthly volume of 13,306 units and a YoY growth of 111%.

Yamaha Fascino:

Yamaha Fascino held the 10th spot besides 11,710 units sold in July 2023, and as a result, it recorded a YoY growth of almost 25% and a MoM growth of 22%.

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 Ather 450X 3rd Gen (Electric Scooter):

The Ather 450X, in its 3rd generation, is one of the most reliable electric scooters in Hindustan, and its riding position, performance, and premium features are reasons why the Ather 450X is one of the best electric scooters in India.

 Yamaha Ray ZR 125:

The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 boasts a muscular and chunky design language, and the sporty-looking Ray ZR 125 is one of the most sought-after 125cc scooters in the country, especially for those who prefer a 125cc scooter that is lighter and offers good fuel economy.

Suzuki Avenis 125:

A direct rival to the Honda Dio 125, the Suzuki Avenis 125 is a youthful version of the Suzuki Access 125, and the sales of the Avenis 125 are slowly increasing, influenced by its sporty looks and performance, making it one of the top scooters in India.

 Bajaj Chetak (Electric Scooter):

Bajaj Auto has brought back the nostalgia of the popular Chetak scooter in the electric avatar.

The Chetak electric scooter has a seamless style and is ideal with a steel body, and if you want an electric scooter built in steel and retro-modern design, consider the Bajaj Chetak.

Yamaha Aerox 155:

The Yamaha Aeroxis to 155 motor scooter is known for its sporty design and performance.

Manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company, it was first introduced in 2016 and has since gained widespread popularity among riders.155 is powered by a 155cc liquid-cooled engine, delivering impressive acceleration and top speed.

It features advanced features like keyless ignition, a digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, and the best motor generator for automatic start-stop function, and the Aerox 155 has become a preferred choice for urban commuters and young riders who seek a combination of style, agility, and performance in a motorscooter.

 Vida V1 Pro:

The Vida V1 Scooter is a revolutionary electric scooter that has taken the world of urban transportation by wind, and the electric scooter features a sleek, modern design with a durable frame and powerful electric motor that provides smooth and efficient rides.  Its long-range battery offers a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for short commutes and errands.

Its popularity is also attributed to its affordability and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for those looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to navigate urban environments.

The Vida V1 scooter has become a top choice among urban dwellers seeking a sustainable and efficient transportation solution.

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