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We are always careful when it comes to buying a vehicle. Before buying a car, which car to buy, how much mileage, will the service cost more? We will search for 100’s things like where to get the car at the best offer and where the dealership is. But long before buying a car, we build the car porch. A car porch is often built as part of the house plan when building a new home. It is very common to build a small car porch because of a lack of idea about the car to be bought in the future and feeling a lack of space when finally buying the car. Let’s learn some things to keep in mind when building a car porch to avoid this type of acid build-up.

6 Tips to keep in mind while building a Car porch

1. Don’t downsize your car porch thinking that you only have the budget to buy a hatchback in your current financial situation. You may buy a slightly bigger car or one or two two-wheelers in the future. Build a car porch big enough to park these too.

2. Don’t build a car porch exactly the size to park your vehicle. Even if the car is parked, there should be a distance of at least two feet from the wall.

3. The ground of the car porch should be prepared slightly raised from the yard. High enough to prevent rainwater from draining into the carport. There is a high chance of damage to the tire of the vehicle if the water gets stuck due to any reason.

4. It is advisable to install a pipe connection in the car porch itself. This can be used to wash the vehicle in the carport itself. While doing so, a drainage facility should also be ensured in the carport.

5. Toughened glass, polycarbonate sheet, and pergola are now used to enhance the beauty of the house. It’s fun to look at, but it’s often not good for the vehicle. They release more heat when exposed to the sun and can cause the car’s rubber components to heat up. Due to this, the life of such components is also likely to decrease.

6. Don’t forget to install a plug point on the car porch. Now is the era of electric cars. Maybe your next car will be an electric car. So when building a new car porch, do not forget to install the plug point.

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