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Small cars were in demand in India till some time ago. It’s been a while since people started switching to SUVs from such cars with mileage, good looks, and resale value. This is why SUV sales in India are increasing every month. All brands are launching utility vehicles. But SUVs have some problems. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before buying an SUV.

Top 5 Things to keep in mind before buying An SUV

No comfort

SUVs coming out now may feel luxurious with lots of technological features, but they lag behind in terms of comfort. SUVs have a higher center of gravity. This increases the body movement of people sitting in the vehicle. This will affect the comfort of the journey. SUVs generally have a slightly stiffer suspension setup to control body movement. This affects the overall ride quality.


SUVs are larger vehicles and tend to weigh more than sedans and hatchbacks. So the power-to-weight ratio is often an issue. Many companies are launching SUVs with the same engines used in sedans. If we look at the overall performance of these two vehicles, the SUVs will lag behind. Companies in India are making such compromises to provide vehicles at low prices.


Due to the extra weight and poor airflow layout, SUVs get less mileage. As mentioned in terms of performance, SUVs provide lower fuel efficiency than sedans and hatchbacks with similar engines. Mileage can be considered as a reason not to buy SUVs as mileage is very important in the face of rising fuel prices.


Studies show that SUVs are safer in the event of an accident. However, SUVs have poor braking performance. So they are more risky. SUVs are more prone to overturning when the car is cut off suddenly. Braking and the ability to quickly swerve are very important to avoid an accident. SUVs are safer than other vehicles in case of an accident.


Even excluding the low mileage added cost for those using SUVs, other costs are numerous. The price of the vehicles is the main one. After that comes maintenance. It should be noted that the parts of SUVs are prone to wear and tear and are expensive. Most SUVs have large tires. These are also expensive.

Still, want to buy an SUV?

Recently, companies have been introducing vehicles with the SUV tag in their product line-up with slightly increased ground clearance and boxier styling. These do not have the quality or superiority of SUVs. But these vehicles have all the drawbacks. It is important to note that most of these SUVs come in a front-wheel-drive layout and don’t even have an all-wheel system. Better hatchbacks and sedans are available in India.

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