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In the vast and diverse world of automobiles, beauty is often subjective. While some cars are celebrated for their sleek lines and aesthetic appeal, others find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum. In this exploration of automotive design, we shine a spotlight on the ugly ducklings of the industry—cars whose designs are not even a mother could love.

The World’s Most Notoriously Ugly Cars Listed

Nissan Juke:

 The Nissan Juke makes a bold statement with its unconventional design. Its bug-eyed headlights and awkwardly elevated stance have been divisive since its inception. While some appreciate its quirky charm, others find its design to be a puzzling departure from traditional aesthetics.

Fiat Multipla:

 Often cited as one of the ugliest cars ever produced, the Fiat Multipla’s design has been a subject of much debate. Its asymmetrical headlights and bulbous shape have earned it a reputation that even a mother might find challenging to defend. However, its unique interior layout and practicality have garnered a niche fan base.

Pontiac Aztek:

 The Pontiac Aztek’s design is a cautionary tale in the automotive world. Its clashing lines and unconventional rear end make it a challenging vehicle to appreciate aesthetically. Even its association with the popular TV series “Breaking Bad” couldn’t redeem its image entirely.

Toyota Prius (First Generation):

 The first-generation Toyota Prius, while revolutionary in terms of hybrid technology, didn’t win any beauty contests. Its wedge-shaped profile and unconventional rear lights made it a standout on the road for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, subsequent generations improved on its aesthetic shortcomings.

Fiat 500L:

 While the Fiat 500 has enjoyed widespread acclaim for its cute and compact design, its larger sibling, the Fiat 500L, missed the mark. The stretched proportions and bulbous shape give it a somewhat awkward appearance that might make even a mother hesitate.


The BMW X6, often regarded as the progenitor of the “coupe SUV” trend, has a divisive design. Its sloping roofline and unconventional shape have sparked debates about its practicality and aesthetics. Some find its boldness appealing, but for others, it’s a departure from BMW’s classic design principles.

SsangYong Rodius:

The SsangYong Rodius is a prime example of design gone awry. Its boxy and asymmetrical shape, combined with oddly placed windows, make it a challenging vehicle to appreciate visually. It’s a case where form seems to have taken a back seat to function.

Chevrolet SSR:

The Chevrolet SSR attempted to blend retro styling with modern design, but the result left many scratching their heads. Its awkward proportions, particularly the long hood and short cargo bed, didn’t resonate well with consumers. Even a mother might struggle to find the endearing qualities in this peculiar roadster-truck hybrid.

Mitsubishi Mirage:

The Mitsubishi Mirage, despite being an economical and practical choice, doesn’t win any accolades for its design. Its uninspiring exterior and lackluster features make it a forgettable entry in the subcompact car segment, leaving potential buyers yearning for more visually appealing options.

Smart EQ ForTwo:

The Smart EQ ForTwo, designed for urban commuting, may be compact, but its design has often been a point of contention. Its diminutive size and unique proportions might appeal to some seeking efficient city driving, but others may find its appearance more comical than charming.


While opinions on automotive design are subjective, certain cars have managed to secure a place on the list of “ugly ducklings” in the industry. From unconventional shapes to questionable aesthetic choices, these cars have faced criticism for their outward appearances. However, it’s essential to recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person finds unattractive, another may appreciate for its uniqueness. Regardless, the world of automobiles continues to evolve, and each peculiar design adds a layer of diversity to the roads we traverse.

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