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The automotive world is buzzing with excitement after Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduced the highly anticipated upgraded version of their luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the Vellfire, into the Indian market on a beautiful Thursday. The 2023 Toyota Vellfire is set to captivate discerning luxury car aficionados with an amalgamation of refined design and cutting-edge features. Let’s go over the specifics of this opulent ride, which is set to redefine the luxury driving experience in India.

The New Toyota Vellfire 2023

Pricing and Variants

The 2023 Vellfire commands a commanding presence at the helm of Toyota’s luxury lineup. The high-grade variant of this MPV is priced at INR 1.19 crore, while the higher-spec VIP grade, known as the Executive Lounge variant, is priced at INR 1.29 crore. It’s worth noting that these prices do not include any additional showroom fees. Customers will begin receiving their orders in November, according to the schedule.

Performance and Eco-friendliness

The innovative self-charging strong hybrid electric model at the heart of the 2023 Vellfire’s allure. Toyota’s environmental commitment is evident as the vehicle travels 40% of the distance in zero-emission mode, leaving an environmentally friendly footprint. The environmentally conscious ethos extends to its efficiency, with a mileage figure of 19.28 kilometers per liter. This eco-friendly masterpiece, a true engineering marvel, is built on Toyota’s cutting-edge TNGA platform, seamlessly integrating advanced suspension for a superior and refined riding experience.

Powertrain Under the Hood

The heart of the 2023 Toyota Vellfire is a powerful 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine that produces 142 kW of power and 240 Nm of peak torque. This powerful internal combustion engine works in tandem with an electric motor and a hybrid battery. The end result is a significant reduction in overall emissions and an increase in efficiency.

Design that Commands Attention

The captivating reverse slant motif adorning the MPV’s emblem adds to the 2023 Vellfire’s aesthetic prowess. This design element flows gracefully from front to back, commanding attention on the highway. The vehicle’s sides are adorned with dynamic character lines that not only enhance its visual appeal but also evoke a sense of stability and strength. Vellfire enthusiasts can customize their vehicles with three distinct exterior color options: Platinum Pearl White, Jet Black, and Precious Metal.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

When you step inside the 2023 Toyota Vellfire, you’ll discover a world of opulence and comfort that has been meticulously designed to optimize every journey. The spacious interior promotes increased comfort as the space between seats expands, a concept that has been thoughtfully extended to the third row. The overhead console takes center stage, housing a variety of passenger convenience controls that reflect the vehicle’s commitment to providing a premium experience. A 14-speaker JBL audio system and a 14-inch infotainment display compatible with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto round out the experience.

Notably, the Executive Lounge model goes above and beyond by including a 14-inch internet-enabled screen in the rear seats. Pull-down side sun blinds allow occupants to bask in the ideal amount of sunlight, and second-row seats have a luxurious massage function and a detachable power control device for customizable comfort.

Modern Connectivity

The Toyota Vellfire 2023 is not only a symbol of luxury but also of modern connectivity. The Vellfire provides a seamless and secure driving experience with over 60 integrated features ranging from remote door lock/unlock and climate control to emergency services and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics.


The 2023 Toyota Vellfire emerges as a true masterpiece in India’s luxury car landscape, combining lavishness, groundbreaking hybrid technology, and an elevated driving experience. Its refined design, eco-friendliness, and slew of innovative features cement its place as a trailblazer, paving the way for a greener and more luxurious future.

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