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Toyota, the renowned Japanese automotive giant, has once again captured the spotlight with its latest updates to the 2024 model year of the beloved Fortuner SUV. While the all-new Land Cruiser Prado has garnered attention, the refreshed Toyota Fortuner steals the show with a series of notable enhancements, creating ripples of excitement in the automotive world. Unveiled in Thailand, the spotlight shines particularly bright on the top-tier GR Sport variant, promising an even more exhilarating driving experience.

The 2024 Toyota Fortuner Comes with more power

Top Changes, Significant Impact

Although the exterior retains its familiar charm, with wheel designs and color options carried over from the preceding year, Toyota has not rested on its laurels. Beneath the surface, under-the-chassis tweaks have been meticulously implemented to elevate the Fortuner’s performance and driving dynamics.

More Power

The cornerstone of the 2024 updates lies under the hood, where Toyota engineers have masterfully bestowed the 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV engine with a notable power boost. The engine now roars with a vigorous 224 horsepower, a remarkable increase of 20 horsepower from its predecessor. But the surge in power doesn’t stop there; torque has also experienced a substantial elevation, surging by 50 Nm to reach an impressive 550 Nm on the international stage.

Infotainment and Convenience Enhanced

Beyond the raw power, the 2024 Fortuner GR Sport variant boasts additional features to elevate the driving experience. The integration of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into its 9-inch infotainment screen brings seamless connectivity, reflecting the demands of the modern tech-savvy driver. Complementing this innovation, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has been thoughtfully included, enhancing both safety and convenience on the road.

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Top-tier Dominance with GR Sport

The excitement escalates with the GR Sport variant’s updates. This range-topping iteration of the Fortuner now showcases the most potent rendition of the renowned 2.8-liter engine. With a formidable output of 221 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque, the Fortuner GR Sport surges ahead with a gain of 20 horsepower and 50 Nm of torque. These impressive numbers mirror the figures of the Hilux GR Sport, a presence felt in the Australian market.

Leading the Pack

The Fortuner GR Sport’s enhancements position it as the undisputed powerhouse within its class, leaving competitors in the dust. Sporting an 11hp and 50Nm advantage over its closest contender, the Ford Everest Titanium 4×4, the Fortuner GR Sport asserts its dominance. For reference, the four-wheel drive Everest commands 210hp and 500Nm of torque.

While the Legender variant, known as LTD in the Thai market, retains its power output, it is not devoid of enhancements. Infotainment takes a leap forward with the addition of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, alongside the practical inclusion of tire pressure sensors. The inclusion of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System extends beyond the LTD trims, making its way to the Fortuner Leader variants. Not to be outshone, the aesthetics receive a breath of fresh air with the substitution of the Silver Sky Metallic shade for the radiant Silver Shimmering Metallic hue.

Price in Thailand

These enhancements, though subtle, have led to a revision in pricing across the Fortuner range in Thailand. With an increase ranging from THB 15,000 to THB 40,000, questions arise regarding the anticipated timeline for these upgrades to reach Toyota enthusiasts in the Philippines. Meanwhile, as Thailand relishes in the evolved Fortuner, India stands poised in anticipation. With Fortuner’s unwavering popularity in the Indian market, speculations emerge about the potential introduction of these enhancements. Mirroring the trend of gradual introductions as the year draws to a close, Toyota Motor Philippines could well bring forth these advancements, possibly leaving enthusiasts in India eagerly awaiting their turn. As the Fortuner continues to hold its esteemed position within India’s SUV landscape, the enhancements stand to further solidify its legacy.

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