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In a surprising turn of events, a vibrant red Tesla Model X SUV has been making waves on the streets of Bengaluru, raising eyebrows and sparking speculation about the electric vehicle giant’s impending entry into the Indian market.

Red Tesla Model X Turns Heads Near Cubbon Park Metro Station

Social media platforms lit up with excitement as pictures of a stunning red-wrapped Tesla Model X surfaced, capturing the attention of curious onlookers near the Cubbon Park Metro station. The images, taken at a traffic signal, fueled speculations about the potential arrival of Tesla in India.

While the dazzling red hue of the Tesla EV caught the eye, it was the Dubai number plate that set tongues wagging. Enthusiasts and observers couldn’t help but wonder if this was a mere test drive or a high-profile visitor cruising the streets of Bengaluru.

Tesla’s Indian Odyssey: Manufacturing Plant in the Offing?

The timing of this unexpected sighting aligns with Tesla’s ongoing negotiations for its inaugural manufacturing unit in India. Reports suggest that the final stages of talks are underway, with an official announcement anticipated during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit starting on January 10.

Gujarat, known for its business-friendly environment, is emerging as the preferred location for Tesla’s manufacturing plant. Ahmedabad Mirror reported that potential sites include Sanand, Becharaji, and Dholera. Although neither Tesla nor the state government has confirmed the development officially, optimism runs high.

Gujarat’s Bid for Tesla: “Very Hopeful, Says State Minister

Rushikesh Patel, the health minister and spokesperson for the state government, expressed confidence in Gujarat being Tesla’s first choice. “The state government is very hopeful of Tesla coming to Gujarat. Even Elon Musk is looking at Gujarat as his first choice,” Patel affirmed. The ongoing communication between the government and the EV giant suggests a mutual interest in establishing a manufacturing presence in the state.

As speculations abound, one social media user weighed in, suggesting that the Dubai-plated Tesla might be driven by someone on an official visit. “Driving his car from Dubai, which is very much allowed for a limited period,” the user commented, adding another layer to the intriguing narrative.


As the red Tesla Model X continues to turn heads on Bengaluru’s roads, the air is thick with anticipation. Whether it’s a test drive or a sneak peek into the future of electric mobility in India, one thing is certain – Tesla’s potential entry is the talk of the town. With negotiations progressing and Gujarat standing as the frontrunner, all eyes are on the Vibrant Gujarat Summit for the official word on Tesla’s Indian sojourn. Stay tuned for updates on this electrifying saga!

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