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Even vehicles of the same size and with the same engine sometimes come on sale at different prices. The reason for this difference in price is the increase in production cost. Some car companies are trying to reduce the production cost to make a profit and bring the car to the market at a lower price. Some of the features may not be available in cars that are launched at such a low cost. Let’s look at what companies are doing to reduce costs in vehicle manufacturing.

7 techniques companies are using to cut costs on cars

Space saver wheels

Space-saver wheels are often found on lower-priced cars. As the name suggests, this is a way to provide a small spare tire so as not to leave much space for the spare tire. These spare tires improve boot space but can only be driven at a limited speed when traveling with them. These tires travel only short distances.

Integrated headrests

Most of the cheaper cars have integrated headrests. Some cars have such well-designed headrests. But such headrests do not provide good support. Providing integrated headrests also costs less as there is no adjustment mechanism.

Poor quality rear view camera

Another way to cut costs on cars is to provide bad cameras. If you use bad sensors and lenses to reduce costs in such cameras that give a view to the rear while taking the reverse, you will get a very poor view even during the day. Providing a cheap rear-view camera is a cost-cutting tactic for many car manufacturers. Cameras are also something that people don’t pay much attention to.

Undersized tires

Most car manufacturers offer smaller tires on the cheaper variants of their vehicles. These small tires and wheels are not only unsightly but can also seriously affect the vehicle’s performance and control.

Single-sided request sensor

Another approach by some car manufacturers, including in India, is to provide a request sensor only on the driver’s door. This is done to reduce the cost of providing a request sensor on every door. This is one of the worst cost-cutting practices.

Stingy on insulation

Car manufacturers are now reducing insulation in new cars to further reduce production costs. Since these insulations are not visible on the outside, many car manufacturers reduce the insulation in all variants of their cars.

Old style gearbox

It’s a bad thing to use the same gearbox technology that’s been used for years even in cars that are coming out now. There are still cars that come with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. This means not developing a new gearbox for the car.

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