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With the introduction of the all-new Tata Punch CNG, Tata Motors has expanded its CNG lineup. The Punch CNG is Tata’s fourth CNG model, following the Tiago, Tigor, and Altroz. Tata aims to provide customers with more choices and options in the growing alternative fuel segment with its eco-friendly and cost-effective CNG variant.

A New Addition to the CNG Lineup

The Tata Punch CNG comes in three trim levels: Pure, Adventure, and Accomplished. It is worth noting, however, that the top-spec Creative trim does not include the CNG kit. Tata has also added optional packages to the Adventure and Accomplished trims, giving customers more options for customization.

Tata Punch CNG Pricing and Variants

Here is a detailed price list for the Tata Punch CNG:

1. Tata Punch CNG Pure: Rs. 7.10 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

2. Tata Punch CNG Adventure: Rs. 8.20 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

3. Tata Punch CNG Accomplished: From Rs. 9.68 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

The Tata punch CNg is Rs.1.00 Lakh pricier than its petrol variants.

Tata Punch Dimensions

This Micro SUV has a length of 3827mm 1742 in width, and 1615 in Height. The CNG variant will deliver 26.99 Km/Kg

Powertrain and Performance

All Tata Punch CNG variants are powered by a 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 86 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque in petrol mode. When running on CNG, the engine produces 73.4 PS and 103 Nm of torque. The Punch CNG has a 5-speed manual gearbox and twin CNG tanks with a capacity of 60 liters, ensuring an impressive range.

Updates to Tiago and Tigor CNG Variants

Tata Motors has upgraded the CNG variants of its popular models, Tiago and Tigor, in addition to the Punch CNG. These models now use the same twin-cylinder technology as the Altroz CNG and Punch CNG, which improves their usability and practicality. The new Tiago CNG is priced between Rs 6.55 lakh and Rs 8.10 lakh, while the new Tigor CNG is priced between Rs 7.80 lakh and Rs 8.95 lakh, with a Rs 5,000 nominal increase across all CNG variants.

Design and Features

The Car has the same exterior design as the petrol-powered model, but it has an ‘iCNG’ badge on the tailgate to distinguish it as a CNG model. Similarly, the interior of the Punch CNG remains unchanged, with the same set of features and amenities. The Punch CNG includes a 7.0-inch touchscreen and digital driver’s display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, 16-inch alloy wheels, an engine start/stop button, automatic projector headlamps, automatic climate control, and sunroof in top-spec trim.

Competition in the CNG Segment

The Tata Punch CNG will compete with the recently launched Hyundai Exter CNG, which also comes standard with a CNG powertrain. Exter CNG prices range from Rs 8.24 lakh to Rs 8.97 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). The competition in this segment is becoming more intense as demand for CNG-powered vehicles grows.


The Tata Punch CNG is a significant step forward in Tata Motors’ commitment to providing environmentally friendly mobility solutions to its customers. Tata hopes that its CNG-powered models will meet the growing demand for cleaner, more sustainable transportation options.

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